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Ovaj album je za mene jedno od glavnih razocaranja godine. Prezvakavanje prezvakavanja i to bez osobe koja je pokrenula prezvakavanje sa pevacem koji prezavakava one koje su prezvakavani.


Da se razumemo, obozavam prvi album (a jos vise obozavam Persuader), svidela mi se ideja da se ozivi "Imaginations"-period Gardijan, i to jos sa Thomenom, s obzirom da je BG malo napustio te okvire, i rezultat je ispao...wow. Postava, izvedba, pesme, sve. A sada su toliko igrali na sigurnu kartu da su nekako uspeli da isisaju svu zanimljivost i duh iz projekta. 'Ajde barem da mi je zarazno/zvucno, ali nije. Jedina pesma za koju mogu da kazem da joj se "radujem" na nova slusanja je "Legend Of Leto II", a real power bashing motherfucker. Ostatak mi je uglavnom za bachiti.


Ne znam, mozda mi se utisak vremenom popravi, svakako cu dati nove pokusaje ovome, ali za sada cvrsto ostajem pri ovome.

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IRON SAVIOR mainman Piet Sielck has left SAVAGE CIRCUS, the multinational project featuring Jens Karlsson (vocals; PERSUADER), Emil Norberg (lead guitar; PERSUADER), and Mike Terrana (drums; AXEL RUDI PELL, RAGE, YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN, MASTERPLAN). He says in a statement, "After long and intensive thinking I came to the conclusion that I cannot uphold any further engagement for SAVAGE CIRCUS anymore and hereby officially quit.


"I am proud of what has been achieved, but I just cannot imagine myself doing songwriting and production more or less completely alone for a third time. This has drained too much energy in the past, which was needed in more important spots. I am not willing to make such a sacrifice again.


"Therefore, I put the fate of SAVAGE CIRCUS in the hands of Emil and Jens, whose decision it may also be to correct the band's completely fictional founding legend or not.


"SAVAGE CIRCUS has been absolutely challenging... but my heart beats for IRON SAVIOR. And music simply is a matter of the heart!"

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Vratija se Sime:


SAVAGE CIRCUS, the multinational project featuring Jens Karlsson (vocals; PERSUADER) and Emil Norberg (lead guitar; PERSUADER), has issued the following update:

"After quite a while of silence from SAVAGE CIRCUS, we're again ready to drop some news your way.

"Some of you might have thought 2009's 'Of Doom And Death' was the last thing you'd hear from this band but this is simply not the case.

"After some structural changes in the band, we are ready with a new lineup and we are at the moment in the midst of writing new material for the third album wich should be due at the end of this year.

"Anyway, I suppose you are curious about the new lineup, so here goes.


Jens Carlsson - Vocals

Emil Norberg - Guitar

Mi Shuren - Keyboards

Thorsten 'Toto' Hein - Guitar


"And finally on mighty drumming Mr. Thomen Stauch [ex-BLIND GUARDIAN]!

"Yeah, that's right, he's back!

"As written, new stuff is being written as we speak and we should be able to let you guys hear some clips in some months from now and we'll try to keep you updated along the way as we make progress on the new, for-now-untitled album."

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Искрено, други албум ми је био некако муљав. Томен враћа наду у трећи.


А Јенс би могао прво Persuader да избаци, најављују га већ 2 године.

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