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Sa njihovog myspace-a:




Jun 9, 2011

TO / DIE / FOR says



check this out!!


New Album called SAMSARA is recorded.

Not mixed yet!

Looking for ome label to release it and then hit the ROAD!















In the studio :







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Finnish gothic metallers TO/DIE/FOR will release their sixth album, "Samsara", on December 14. In the U.S. and Canada, the CD will be made avaialble on January 17, and in Mexico on January 19, 2012.


"Samsara" track listing:


01. Kissing The Flames (4:49)

02. Damned Rapture (5:12)

03. Cry For Love (IGGY POP cover) (4:21)

04. Death Comes in March (3:13)

05. Folie á Deux (7:11)

06. Hail Of Bullets (4:25)

07. Love's A Sickness (5:54)

08. Raving Hearts (3:48)

09. Oblivion: Vision (6:13)

10. Someday Somewhere Somehow (6:38)

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