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Ma jako sam ja zadovoljan sto sam gledao Panteru, mozda i najbolji koncert u mom zivotu :da:

Down su dobri...ali Pantera je Pantera...a tek uzivo, kako su razvaljivali, uh...



Da li ti na svakoj temi moras da nabijas ljudima na nos da si video Panteru?




Uvek se iznerviram kad procitam. :ljubomorna: :P

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uhvatio sam ih letos na metalcampu, napokon.. sreca, sreca radost, ljudi moji... ^_^

kakva energija, to je nesto nestvarno.. jebiga, trebali ste biti tamo ;)


evo ako nekoga zanima, slikao sam malo.. naravno iz prvog reda, 'fkors.. ;)



najavljen Down IV za prolece/leto iduce godine, jedva cekam.. takodje i dugo najavljivani dvd bi trebao da izadje negde u to vreme.

bar se nadam :)

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DOWN — the acclaimed New Orleans band featuring CORROSION OF CONFORMITY guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan, drummer Jimmy Bower (EYEHATEGOD, SUPERJOINT RITUAL guitarist), bassist Rex Brown (ex-PANTERA), guitarist Kirk Windstein (CROWBAR), and vocalist Philip Anselmo (SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ex-PANTERA) — has inked a deal with E1 Music for the release of the long-awaited rockumentary "Diary of a Mad Band". Tentatively due on March 23, the set will feature footage of DOWN members "tearing up Europe" — literally and figuratively — on their first European tour. This special DVD/CD collection contains over 130 minutes of live video material and a full, never-before-released concert. (Note: The CD is different from the DVD.)


Check out the cover artwork below.



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Guest Administrator

Vest od juche :


New Orleans’s DOWN is set to release their CD/DVD Diary Of A Mad Band on October 5 via Down Records/ADA. The DVD will feature footage from DOWN’s first European tour, and one full unreleased concert. It has just been announced that pre-orders will also receive an instant MP3 download of ‘Stone the Crow’ live in Dublin.


Diary of a Mad Band features a 2 CD full concert, live in London. The DVD highlights documented footage marking the 2006 return of DOWN from the practice room through their first European tour, and a bonus behind-the-scenes featurette entitled ‘Tirades and Shenanigans’. The DVD closes in at a blistering 130 minutes! See below for a complete tracklisting of the set:


DVD: Diary of a Mad Band


1. Lysergik Funeral Procession

2. Lifer

3. Losing All

4. Rehab

5. New Orleans Is A Dying Whore

6. Ghosts Along The Mississippi

7. Learn From This Mistake

8. Underneath Everything

9. Temptation’s Wings

10. There’s Something On My Side

11. Hail The Leaf

12. Lies

13. The Seed

14. Eyes Of The South

15. Jail

16. Stone The Crows

17. Bury Me In Smoke




1. Losing All

2. Lifer

3. Lysergic Funeral Procession

4. Rehab

5. Temptations Wings

6. Ghosts Along The Mississippi

7. Learn From This Mistake

8. Hail The Leaf

9. New Orleans Is A Dying Whore

10. Lies, I Don’t Know What They Say But…

11. Underneath Everything

12. The Seed

13. Eyes Of The South

14. Jail

15. Stone The Crows

16. Bury Me In Smoke


Guitarist Pepper Keenan affirms:


“The DVD is an in-depth look at what five boys from the wrong side of the tracks can achieve when motivated by the will to escape hard times, fueled by an unexplainable quest to destroy live and be embraced by the love of fans whom we had not had the pleasure of meeting yet. This is how it’s supposed to be: rock solid.”


Vocalist Philip Anselmo adds:


“This is a semi-ugly glimpse into what would end up the perfect building blocks to a much more prosperous future! Raw, distorted, unpredictable, and with a freshly mended spine in tow, these shows were desperately important to us as a cohesive unit. Take this trip through the old days with us at your own risk, and don’t forget to bring some aspirin!”

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Down - Diary Of A Mad Band (2010) [DVD+2CD]


Tracklist CD1


01.Losing All


03.Lysergic Funeral Procession


05.Temptations Wings

06.Ghost Along the Mississippi

07.Learn from this Mistake

08.Hail the Leaf

09.New Orleans is A Dying Whore


Tracklist CD2


01.Lies (I Don't Know What They Say, But...)

02.Underneath Everything

03.The Seed

04.Eyes of the South


06.Stone the Crow

07.Bury Me in Smoke


DVD Tracklist:



02.Lysergic Funeral Procession


04.Losing All


06.New Orleans is A Dying Whore

07.Ghosts Along the Mississippi

08.Learn from this Mistake

09.Underneath Everything

10.Temptations Wings

11.Something on My Side

12.Hail the Lea


14.The Seed

15.Eyes of the South


17.Stone the Crow

18.Bury Me in Smoke


















Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

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Guest Administrator

Super je dvd. Jaoj kako se Phil Obrukao kada je u norverskoj na certu pricao kako norveski metalci su u sumi imaju corpse paint i spavaju sa Zevsom , a bio je prilicno ozbiljan kad je to rekao. Posle izvodjenja te pesme izvinuo se :)

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When asked about when fans can expect to hear new music from DOWN, Windstein replied, "We finally [started] jamming [new material] at Phil's [Anselmo, vocals] and we're putting out four six-song EPs. We've got the first one written and it's all hard-hitting songs; we don't have any acoustic [stuff on it]. We don't know yet what we're gonna do, but we figure with the state of music today, as far as retail [goes] and people not really buying [music]; number one, the EP will be cheaper; number two, we can get it out quicker and then we can keep putting out the [product]. We literally can put out an EP the first of the year and then have another one come out the fall of next year and give [the fans] music a lot sooner than what we've given them in the past, 'cause it always takes fucking years. So we really think it's a good idea. Pepper [Keenan, guitar] usually does all our artwork and the four cover designs are all gonna work together in some kind of thing."



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Bassist Rex Brown has confirmed that he is no longer a member of DOWN. Speaking to Patrick Musumeche of 8countnews.com over the weekend, he said, "I'm officially out of the band. Things came to a head and they're better off doing what they're doing. They've got Patrick Bruders [from CROWBAR] playing bass and I kind of lost my passion after a while. There were some other problems that we had to address and it just turned out better that we just parted ways."

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