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Cijena EP-a ostaje 3 eura + postarina (za sve zemlje). Cijena postarine zavisi od toga gdje se salje i koliko CD-ova.

Ko je zainteresovan neka se javi na mail: [email protected] ili posalje poruku preko myspace stranice: http://www.myspace.com/zaimuswarlords da bih vam rekao tacnu cijenu (sa uracunatom postarinom) i da bi razmjenili adrese.

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avaj skupo,

plus skinuo sam, onako zanimljivo je moze se slusa


To je sve manje vise da bi se pokrili troskovi stampe, praznih CD-ova, kutija... Od zarade se bukvalno ni pivo ne moze kupiti. Jebi ga, kod nas u Crnoj Gori sve skuplje:)

Ali uvijek mozemo naci neki kompromis, ako je cijena problem;)


stvarno, moglo je da bude besplatno, i još kinder jaje da se dijeli uz njega, a? :cool:



ovaj, vidjećemo se ovih dana da uzmem to. ;)


Nema problema brate, samo mi se javi porukom da ti ga nekako dodam. Za tebe dzabe i kod babe:)

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Jos jedna recenzija:



"The Unholy Spells of Night"


Searching the dark lands of the Balkans past, comes this duo Black Metal act from one of Europe's smallest metal scenes, Montenegro. Released in 2009, Zaimus' first EP titled 'The Unholy Spells of Night', unleashed a torrent of Anti-Christian Black Metal. Spine-chilling vocals are nearly reminiscent of their Norwegian counterparts, albeit the fact Norway is in the north and Montenegro the South-East of Europe. Raw guitars and crystal clear vocals are what lay down the foundation for this Montenegrin duo. Synchronizing clean Black Metal with symphonies and melodies but staying firm within the core of Black Metal. Blistering-paced drums are just another essence to this Balkan opus. It is interesting to note on the song 'Iron Fortress', the horn used is exactly the same as the one used in Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers at the scene 'Gates of Mordor', is Zaimus trying to tell us something? Whatever it is they have brewed up a dark storm. Europe prepare, the second black plague is about to happen.



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ZAIMUS na CD kompilaciji Butcherian Vibe-a #29/30 - 2010, sa pjesmom "Nine Riders Of Black Sorcery".


CD kompilacija:


1. Swamp - Vodi Me Kroz Srbiju

2. Oroz - Ludilo

3. Forever Storm - Gunslinger

4. Darkshines - Runaway

5. Rain Delay - My Summer Sojourn

6. Svarun - Vlast

7. Jewy Sabatay - 94 Januar

8. Spring And Youth - Muriatic

09. Venefica - Letter From The Lost Days

10. From Sin - Last Days

11. Defilement - Mindless And Aggressive

12. Zaimus - Nine Raiders Of Black Sorcery

13. Kozeljnik - Sigil Rust

14. May Result - At The Cursed Heights Of Prokletije

15. The Stone - Sam Krenuo Smrt Svoju Da Nađe

16. Triumfall - Omega Overcasts The Presents


Vise informacija na:



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EP "The Unholy Spells of Night" je ponovo pušten u promet, ali ovoga puta preko našeg zvaničnog izdavača - Cold War Records. Ugovor je skopljen 7.februara, a diskovi se mogu poručiti od 3. marta. Svi zainteresovani mogu poručiti primjerak preko mejla: [email protected]


Više informacija na:




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