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Njemci,ne previse aktuelni albumski iako osnovani sredinom devedesetih.Imaju 2 full-lenght albuma i neke demoe i Ep-e.

Prvi album Back To Times of Splendor iz 2004. mogu da slusam dan noc. Drugi album Gloria (2006),iako losiji,definitivno vrijedan slusanja.

U svakom slucaju,velike preporuke sa moje strane.


Ova dva albuma mozete naci na bunalti.com

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Po dobrom starom običaju, par albuma ovog benda mi čuče na m3 diskovima, i ne mogoh da se setim da li sam ih ikad čuo.


Reših da se okomim na pomenuti ..times of splendour. Zanimljivo zvuči, ima raznoraznih uticaja - a koliko je to sve koherentno, smisleno, i iole vredno daljeg slušanja - saopštiću čim ih malo pomnije sameljem u mom prog mlinu.


Odoh sad da pečem rakiju. :pivopije:

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Evo nekih recenzija sa MetalArchives..mozda vam pobude interesovanje,ukoliko imate zivaca da ih procitate..


The Best Prog-Death Album Ever? - 100%

Written by Damnation_Terminated on August 11th, 2007



This album depresses me. After listening to it through a few times I have realised that I will perhaps never hear an album as good again! All other such albums must fade in comparison.


A friend recommended Disillusion to me, so I thought I would check them out, not knowing anything about them, except that the friend in question likes, as I do, progressive death metal, and his opinion was, therefore, to be trusted. What I wasn't prepared for was the pure heavy musical brilliance of the band, with brutal riffs, incredible solos and splendid growling vocals blending perfectly with some smooth lighter work, the instruments of which include a piano and violins.


Each track is diverse in musical style and heaviness, providing an overall aesthetic that means you can listen to the album many times through without getting bored of it. The singer uses the "brutal" death metal vocals when necessary, without too much screaming, and has a very good "clean" singing voice as well, which he also puts to appropriate use.

The album has a couple of longer tracks, which contribute to the albums epic feel, providing an almost mini-album within themselves.


One cannot help but compare this band to the other progressive death metal giants, Opeth. Now I am a huge Opeth fan, but I can't say that they have done anything as epic in scale or as musically diverse as this album.

In conclusion this is definitely one of my all time favourite albums, and will recommend it to anyone who is willing to listen. Without a doubt one of the best (if not the best) progressive death metal album out there, and in my opinion one of the best albums, period.


Now if you will excuse me, I have to go and find the guy who told me about them, and kiss him soundly...




One Hell of a Quality Metal Album - 95%

Written by IcemanJ256 on November 5th, 2006



From the epic violin-driven opening of "Back to the Times of Splendor" to the violent outbreak in "Alone I Stand In Fires," to the acoustic strumming undertone in "A Day By the Lake," This CD has every morsel of diversity you could ever wish for in a Progressive Death album without going overboard. For a debut album it is astonishingly refined and well-crafted, and will soar past your expectations. Everything from the riffs, all the instrumental parts, the solos, the song structures, the general feel, are virtually flawless. Not quite the vocals though.


The song structures here are vast, complex, winding journeys of many different ideas, excellently flowing together, maintaining a certain energy with many heavy and upbeat parts, but also a decent share of calmer and symphonic parts. The calmer parts, sometimes even some strings or piano, last just the right amount of time, providing a nice contrast once in a while and don't take away from the course of the song. The title track has a pretty long calm section with some acoustic guitars and the majority of "A Day by the Lake" is acoustic driven.


Most of the lengthy heavier sections have so much going on in a short period of time, so many different sections of riffs changing so fast, it can almost seem like too much, however I don't look at it as a bad thing. It really adds to the "replay value" of the album because songs are so intricate you can't possibly remember them and every time you listen to it is like the first time. Obviously they write very lengthy songs as well, there is just under an hour in these six songs, with one song passing the 14-minute mark and one over 17 minutes.


I think there are actually more clean vocals than death growls, and both this vocalist's talents are good, and the vocal melodies are astounding. Death growls are ferocious, punishing and adrenaline-pumping. Clean vocals took a little getting used to; they can be a bit exaggerated at times, but not nearly as bad as most Power Metal vocalists. Overall they are powerful and diverse, adding a certain unique quality to the band.


Somehow, in a way that I can't quite explain, this album is one of the very few metal albums with growled/harsh vocals that doesn't sound either depressing or angry. (The only exceptions I can think of at the moment are Arcturus and Orphaned Land) The majority of it sounds very joyous, and simply "epic," while continuing to pack a hell of a punch. Of course, I'm not saying depressing or angry aren't feelings you want in a metal album.


Fans of Opeth, Nevermore, Novembre, Orphaned Land, etc. should definitely check this band out. They're the most promising prog-metal band I can think of (in terms of, brand NEW bands, with like one album). And look, they have a new album coming out in 2 weeks!



The Ultimate Album - 100%

Written by SCMugen on May 15th, 2006



I'm not a very picky guy. Really, musicwise, it doesnt take much for an album to please me, but there are very few albums that I consider really great and an album that gets there has to be very, very good.

A very, very good album is for example, an album that stays in my daily playlist for more than half a year. An album that there is not a single day I didnt listen to it in the past six months. An album that on every listen you discover something new in one of the songs. Disillusion's debut album from 2004 fits in all of the above. I can hardly put into words how much I love this album.


The album starts with the song "...And The Mirror Cracked". Strong Meshuggah-style riffs and fast drumming from the first second, with some layered clear guitar that pops in and out at times. The singer, Vurtox, sings in a perfect combination of clean melodies and agressive growls. Sometime halfway through the song there's a slowdown with some acoustic guitars with the electrics every once in a while. The song starts to fade with some calm piano notes, and just when you think it's over the song's harsh opening enters again in some sort of a closure, ending the song the exact same way it started.


The second song is "Fall", one of the shortest songs in the album and one of the only two songs where Vurtox sings only in a clean way. Dont get me wrong, this is no ballad or soft song in any way – throughout the whole piece there're crushing heavily-distortioned riffs. This song ends with a dramatic stop right after the last chorous ends, which leaves the listener shocked with a craving for more.

The next song, "Alone I Stand In Fires", starts with a sample of a scared man's breathing, sort of an intro for the song. Through the first couple of minutes of the song Vurtox sings clean with some telephone-like effect applied on his voice, and then switches to his charismatic grunt for the deep, heart-touching, well written chorus. The riffs speed up a little along with some aggressive atmosphere that slows down a little right before the second chorus.


The title song, "Back To Times of Splendor", starts from the same note the last song ended, with a beautiful piano-violin combination soon joined by one of the best guitar riffs ever written. Every time that riff starts, I go fucking nuts… Everything about this riff is amazing, from the technicality to the perfect violin and distorted guitar contrast. After the intro part ends, Vurtox's growls starts accompanied by a note-imitating guitar riff. After a swift breakdown around the beginning of the fourth minute, the song starts to amass power as the tempo builds up to a very aggressive grind-ish segment at around the seventh minute that ends with sudden break of silence that's quickly filled in with bird squeaking and rain samples. The samples merge with a relaxing bass & acoustic line that keeps up for a couple of minutes until the aggressive riffs and fast drumming takes the lead until the end of the song. If there's one song I have to pick to be the ultimate metal song of all times, THIS IS THE ONE. Every single aspect of this piece is flawless. Perfectly written, perfectly composed and perfectly performed. Simply perfect.


The fifth song, "A Day By The Lake", was the song I considered to be the weakest in this album. Although it's not really a bad song, it felt like the essence of the song was unclear because of the long intro segment and sudden ending, but soon it grew on me and everything became crystal clear. While not being the most technical song, without really any memorable riffs or brilliant solos, it's still an amazing song that really achieves it's goal. Vurtox sings the amazing moving lyrics with perfect melody, with the acoustic guitars and bass lines in the background, really gives this song the sad, touching and thoughtful mood it aims for.


The last one is also the longest one, "The Sleep of Restless Hours" starts with an acoustic build-up riff that bursts into a fast and vim segment with some furious energies from Vurtox's harsh vocals, that keeps up until the catchy, beautifully written chorus. A few minutes later the aggressive riffs turn into a calm, soothing, acoustic accompanied part, that starts another chorus, this time Vurtox sings with everything he has, which creates one of the most amazing choruses I've ever heard. After that last chorus the song breaks again to complete silence (actually there's low volume sort of static sound but that's almost silent) that breaks progressively into a powerful, mighty, simply astounding 4-minute instrumental ending. The band really puts every bit of energy into this ending, so it really feels like the grand finale, not only of this specific song but of this entire album, which makes you crave for more.


Now I bet all of you already looked at the score and saw the perfect 100 score I gave this album. I was totally against the "Perfect Album" idea and I swore that I'll never give any album this score, but that was before I found Back To Times of Splendor. If I could, I'd give this album 120/100. Even 200/100 and much more. Every single moment of this album is filled with excellent musical performance. It has the most deep and meaningful lyrics I've ever seen, the most perfect balance I've ever heard. It magnificently combines elements and influences with such different branches of metal and music in general, creating one epic, splendid masterpiece. I'm soon going to be out of adjectives and I'm afraid I don’t know enough of them to describe how incredible this album is without doing a massive injustice with it. The only proper way for me to end this review is quoting "A Day By The Lake":


And I cry just as you

Knowing, this is coming to an end

But still I am hoping that fall will never come.

But it came.




Uglavnom,prosjek ocjena je 91%.


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bas sam ih pre neki dan prvi put cuo. dobo zvuce, dosta dobrih ideja, naravno odlicna svirka... mada sam album samo jednom preslusao, provrtecu ga ponovo za nenki dan. u svakom slucaju dobar je album, kad mi udje u usi malo vise dacu detaljnije misljenje... album koji sam slusao je back to times of splendor...

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Hvala za preporuku, ITF, Back to Times of Splendor je odličan album.


Poslušaj In Vain, ako nisi, verujem da će ti se dopasti.



Bas mi je milo sto ti se svidja album ;) In Vain sam skinuo prije mjesec dana i nikako da ih preslusam. Napravicu to ovih par dana,pa javljam utiske.

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Da,znam za taj festival. Velike vajde od bezviznog rezima,kad je to u pitanju,bar za mene.


Uh kako je ovo bend sa kontraverznom svirkom.

Nisam sigurna još da sam svarila te prelaske iz jednog stila u drugi...:meshuggah:


Hehe,jeste,imaju samo takve prelaze. Samo lagano,uci ce u uho vec ;)

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  • 4 months later...

Friends, the time has come - work on the Third Disillusion Album has finally started!! And we cordially invite you to be part of the album and the process! Today we launched a campaign at www.patreon.com/disillusion where you can be a PATRON of the band and support us during the coming months so that this Third album will come as soon as possible! Please visit our Patreon website for all information.

We are so much looking forward to your support - THANK YOU! We will do this .. .together! DIS.



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