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This is beyond one-dimensional, it's zero-dimensional. This is the least erudite music that I know. It's stupid, STUPID groove death stuff for people who think that Cannibal Corpse is okay, but could use less lyrical subtlety.







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It's an album composed of almost nothing but chugging and growls. If you love caveman riffs you'll love this stuff, it has the same spirit as toughguy hardcore and about the same musical value and expertise too.


So yeah, it's heavy and groovy and stupid as hell. This is good for people who like Six Feet Under but wish they weren't so fancy all the time.

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1. Their Finest Hour

2. Blood Ties

3. Rise Up & Revolt

4. Kill on Command

5. Demoralized

6. Push Comes to Shove

7. I Predict a Riot

8. No Mercy (from the Merciless)

9. Born of Contagion

10. Life Negated


Ukupno trajanje: 35:52

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We love seeing the negative reactions to our music and recently our new video. If you think signing to Victory somehow changed us or our sound, you are truly ignorant. We've been doing so-called "breakdowns" before your mom was driving you to shows. Get a clue.



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