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Sta mislite o ovom one man projektu?Meni licno se dopada ovaj zvuk,vokal original Immortal,Raw black metal srednjeg tempa sa tu ti tamo melodicnim prelazima,jedina zamerka je sto je mogao sve to malo brze da odsvira a da ipak ostane mid tempo..Lepo zvuci naslovna numera..doduse samo sam nju i cuo..jer samo nju imaju na myspaceu..

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We are proud to present a new release of Zloslut "Iz Dubokog Ponora Tuge", this release is a compilation with tracks from the demo "Abyss Of Eternal Deception", the cover song of Iron Maiden from the single and two unreleased tracks.

The compilation will be released by Silent Scream Records, the release date is still not known but should be available in June/July 2012!




01 - Entering The Gates Of Sorrow, Pain And Grief

02 - La Misterieuse Promenade Macabre Du Défunt

03 - Triumph Of Evil

04 - Abyss Of Eternal Deception

05 - Prowler (Iron Maiden Cover)

06 - Nekropolis (Unreleased Track)

07 - Zloslutan (Unreleased Track)

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And here is the official album preview of Zloslut!


The album is named "Zloslutni Horizont - Donosilac Prokletstva, Očaja I Smrti" and contains 4 track:


01 - Zloslutne Vizije

02 - Na Bedemu Samoubistva

03 - Pustoš I Prevare Izgubljenih Duša

04 - Ništavilo


It was recorded in various studios in Belgrade, Serbia during january 2013.

Mixing and mastering is done by Kasapin.

Front cover and all drawings by Genocide.


It is still early to talk about the exact release date, but if everything turns how we planed, it should see the light around april/may this year!


Spread this everywhere!

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Today is the official release date of our album "Zloslutni horizont - Donosilac prokletstva, očaja i smrti" on pro done CD-R format through Dark Chants productions!


Also today we would like to reveal you our forthcoming releases, first one will be the single "Na bedemu samoubistva", it will see the light this 15th of october on CD-R, the single will contain two versions of the same title, one will be the original album version and the next one will be the live version recorded at Darkness Rising Festival, it will also include covers of Judas Iscariot and Inquisition!


And the last release will be the pro-done tape of our album, it will be released the 25th of october this year through Serbian tape label - Grim Reaper Records.


Soon new t-shirt designs!

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