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Uh, namucih se dok ga nadjoh, do sto vragova!!! icon_evil.gif Ja to ne bih stavila ovde nikako, ali 'ajd sad....


Ma, zovite ga kako hocete i svrstavajte gde hocete bend je fenomenalan! Cak i za nekog tako teskog kao sto sam ja! I, mislim da profesionalnost nije mana. Naprotiv! I saljem vam veliki pozdrav u ime svih "kloasicara" icon_rockdevil.gif

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ja mislim da je ovo album koji sam najvise ocekivao do sad :rockdevil: :rockdevil: :rockdevil: :rockdevil:


All hail!


The most important information first: Because of the delay of the "Tales Of Ithiria"-CD-release, the


Europatour has been moved to September 2007.


Important: A few concerts will take place though, more information you can find in our tourdates-section.


The main reason for the delay: The theme of the new CD will not be a historical person, rather a for this purpose developed own story has been written. And together, these things take more time as planned. But I can justifiably say, that the CD will be finished soon!


The releasedate for the "Tales Of Ithiria"-CD is sure now:

Release date is the 29th of June 2007.


Further on we hope, that you all had a good New Years Day, and we wish you a successfull 2007!


More information soon!




sajt je malcice renoviran i imate snimke iz studija dok su snimali novi album :rockdevil:

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