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The aircrafts of NATO are bombing Belgrade again,

Peaceful districts are under the fire.


Our Serbian Brothers so need the help,

They'll will not to be able to stand alone.

White Victory, how it's important,

Albanians will not take away Kosovo.


Chorus 1:

Kosovo front is somewhere there so far,

The enemy will not get a metre of the slavonic's land.

For the native home people die easily,

We would fight in Kosovo if only we could.


The Balkans has been blown up with furious war,

There's no mercy to anyone now.

Everything is for the freedom of the Native Nation

Death for those, who'll humilitate it.


Serbia is for Serbs, it's their own country,

Let them live themselves without any aliens.

We are united with them and we'll stand as a wall

Throwing up hunderds of the right fists.


Chorus 2:

Kosovo front - on the front edge

Through the cruel battles the Aryan Dawn is seen.

If I don't defend Serbia,

Tomorrow the troops of the occupants will be in Moscow.


No, Never!


So, Europe, why do you hide your eyes?

Look, the Slavs are being killed by your hand.

The storm will rush fastly, the thunderstorm will strike,

The fresh blood from new wounds will flow.


Russian volunteer, give the hand to brothers,

Be ready to fight until the end.

Take the sword faster, punish a yankee,

Don't regret the mortal lead!




" kad sam isao u srednju ,tj kad sam krenuo u prvu god bio je jedan stariji ortak(velja iz krampa) koji je imao fazon "kec"tj asocijacija na blast beat

ja sam posle imao trip da pola reci u razgovorima .pogotovo kad sam bio pijan zamenjujem sa "kec" a posebno kad nesto energicno objasnjavam i sl, kazem kec-kec-kec !!


to znaci kad u death metalu ili speedu das tri kratka udarca u cinelu i krece klanje!

vidim da se 111 fazon primio

pa eto

xaxaxaxaxaxa kec!

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                             !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    MRZIM JEBENE 80` !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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