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  1. Fonic & Downstroy, Mol, Annuska Club
  2. @Frubi ti organizujes koncert? Ako je tako hoce li biti predgrupa, i da li ce biti domace ili strane?
  3. imate li vi neki spejs ili sajt?
  4. Moj zajeb, ono gore nije nova pesma, vec je dosta stara, od benda Ghastly Ones, a Rob im gostuje zato sto su mu se jako dojmili pa ih je gurao i na turneje sa njim. Elem evo nove pesme, War zone, koja ce se naci istoimenom filmu: http://sharebee.com/646b3815 Hah, sto je najgore dobio sam ideju u glavi na sta bi ovo zvucalo, kumovao si novom zanru. (koji jos ne postoji)
  5. 20. novembar Red Wave to The Blocks, Dreddup, Straft " Akademija
  6. Стиль: Death/Groove Metal, Death'N'Roll Страна: United States of America (Tampa, Florida) Качество: [email protected] Размер: 75,5 Мб Общее время звучания: 49:06 Трек-лист: 01.Death by Machete 03:45 02.Involuntary Movement of Dead Flesh 03:29 03.None Will Escape 03:24 04.Eulogy for the Undead 04:17 05.Seed of Filth 04:58 06.Bastard 03:26 07.Into the Crematorium 03:43 08.Shot in the Head 05:02 09.Killed in Your Sleep 04:38 10.Crossroads to Armageddon 02:09 11.Ten Deadly Plagues 05:11 12.Crossing the River Styx (Outro) 01:16 13.Murder Addiction 03:57 http://rapidshare.com/files/159681386/S_F_U_08_gr_by_KamaZoh_mediaportal.ru.rar
  7. Jel moze neko da mi uploaduje album Jedina, ali da mogu lepo da ga tagujem, ove verzije sto kruze na netu, ne mogu da se isprave...
  8. Cena mu je naprosto kultna.
  9. VoivodBG


    Prodajem Venom, Black Metal w/box (+demo i bonus pesme) i At War With Satan w/box (+demo i bonus pesme) 1000 pojedinacno, 1500 zajedno sve skupa. Kontakt na pm.
  10. Prodajem njihova dva albuma, Concrete (prvi album snimljen 1991 ali tek izdat 2002, posle raspada benda) i Soul of a new machine, pojedinacno svaki 800, skupa 1200 dinara. Kontakt na pm.
  11. Prodajem prvi album Point Blank, za 900 dinara, odlicno ocuvan ko je zainteresovan neka me kontaktira na pm.
  12. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Muha Blackstasy - Crni Smo Mi --------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist...............: Muha Blackstasy Album................: Crni Smo Mi Genre................: Rap Source...............: CD Year.................: 2007 Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 Codec................: LAME 3.93 Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III Quality..............: CBR 128, (avg. bitrate: 128kbps) Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 Hz Tags.................: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3 Information..........: Ripped by............: NLY on 13.4.2008 Posted by............: NLY on 13.4.2008 Included.............: NFO, SFV, M3U Covers...............: Front, Back, CD, Inside --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklisting --------------------------------------------------------------------- 01. Crni Smo Mi (00:03:51) 02. Batalite Spriceve (00:04:07) 03. Exit (00:04:47) 04. Ulica Je Prica (00:04:39) 05. Cokoladni Reper (00:05:00) 06. Hajdemo U Evropu (00:03:48) 07. Crna Ovca (00:04:00) 08. Isterujem Uterani Dug (00:03:19) 09. Mi Smo Braca Romi (00:03:20) 10. Pevam od Muke (00:04:31) 11. Bonus Track (00:01:29) Playing Time.........: 00:42:50 Total Size...........: 39,27 MB http://rapidshare.com/files/107204308/Muha_Blackstasy-Crni_Smo_Mi-2007-NLY.rar.html
  13. Napoleon - 01 - Nervoza Napoleon - 02 - Dobro dosli Napoleon - 03 - Sha Je Bilo Misevi (Feat.Sha) Napoleon - 04 - Sram Da Vas Bude Napoleon - 05 - Svi U Klubu Napoleon - 06 - U Dizel Fazonu Napoleon - 07 - Ratnici sa betona Napoleon - 08 - Zauvek U Srcima (Feat.Koki,Sha,Saska) Napoleon - 09 - Cekaj,Stani (Feat. M.F.Beat) Napoleon - 10 - Dirty Still Napoleon - 11 - Dodjite Ovamo (Feat.Mrvica) Napoleon - 12 - Sta Je Edo Napoleon - 13 - Mi Smo Tu Napoleon - 14 - Kyokushinkai (Feat. Saska) Napoleon - 15 - Kobasica Masna Napoleon - 16 - Ludnica (Feat. Monogamija) http://rapidshare.com/files/110301051/Napoleon_-_Dobro_dosli__2008_.rar
  14. Majko mila! Kakav nastup! Kakav zvuk! Kakav bend bogte! Hajde sto sam ih slusao na mp3, i ono bili su mi samo ok, ali sada uzivo, kidaju! Uh, mora da padne repete uskoro!
  15. Feersum Ennjin is the work of essentially one man with the assistance of a few close friends. All the songs were written by former Tool bassist Paul D'Amour, who has been floating around from project to project since his departure in late 1995. But before you Tool fans get too excited, it is my duty to inform you that the material heard on this EP shares more in common with D'Amour's work in Lusk and Replicants than it does with Tool. The key to successful album is a great opening track. If you can't catch the audience's attention with that first one, you've failed. That being said, "Lines" is a fantastic opening cut. It begins with on-the-move basslines accentuated with hard hitting drumming. Handling the duties behind the kit is Self mastermind Matt Mahaffey. As the song continues to develop, D'Amour's harmonious vocals flow with the groove of the song, while the chorus features a group of voices quite reminiscent of 80's new-wave. Combine all these elements and you end up with a sound similar to that of 30 Seconds to Mars. Feersum Ennjin slow the pace down a tad on the next two tracks. "Solid Gold" brings to mind Failure, with its spacey and intricate guitar melodies. On "U-Boats," D'Amour focuses on electronic experimentation, using vocal effects as well as the interjection of a piano. The experience is perfected with a guitar solo from Korel Tunador as the sludgy basslines push the song towards into its climax. There are so many layers to this track, almost as much texturing as there is on a Pink Floyd disc. The song that contains the extension of Tool circa D'Amour's departure is "Dragons." The guitar tone fits perfectly with that of Undertow. More particularly, the ending sequence faintly resembles the later portion of Tool's "Flood." Coincidently, that is my favorite Tool song. D'Amour brings the album to a close with the electronic heavy "Thin Air," which is essentially an experimental soundscape of various synths and effect-laden guitars overlaid. It's a nice ambient piece and a great way to bring things full circle. Obviously, Feersum Ennjin is not a vehicle to return D'Amour to the forefront of alternative music, though I doubt that it was his intention when he was writing these songs. In fact it is quite irrelevant. No matter the intentions, D'Amour and Mahaffey have comprised a striking debut that fans of spacey-rock and early industrial-alternative crossovers will enjoy. Track Listings 1. Lines 2. Solid Gold 3. U-Boats 4. Dragon 5. Thin Air Mp3|VBR|33 Mb http://rapidshare.com/files/159296283/Feersum_Ennjin__EP__-_2005.rar
  16. Ko ce ga znati najverovatnije nedelju dana pred koncert, ne bi me zacudilo...
  17. Slab je novi Puscifer slab, sta ce mu koji kurac vise tih remiksa i dubova ni sam ne znam, bolje da zasuce rukave i da izbaci novi Tool, nego da nastavi da se ovako zajebava sa ovim...
  18. Ako je to ona za pozoristance puz, sa njegovim nasmesenim licem, posedujem je takodje.
  19. Evo Gojko prekini da se nerviras, mukama je dosao kraj. Genre: Black Metal Encoder: LAME Type: Album Quality: VBR/44,1/Joint-Stereo Songs: 16 Grabber: Audiograbber Rls Date: 30-10-2008 Source: CDDA Company: Road Runner Size: 145.2 MB Cat Nr: n/a Length: 89:12 min ======= Tracklist Cd1 01.Commando 04:29 02.The Wolfpack 04:05 03.Black Crown on A Tombstone 03:53 04.Die by My Hand 07:08 05.My Skin is Cold 05:16 06.The Sign of the Trident 06:58 07.Last Man Standing 03:40 08.Den Siste 07:25 Cd2 01.My Skin is Cold (Ep Version) 05:07 02.Live Through Me (Live) 05:12 03.Existential Fear-Questions (Live) 06:01 04.Repined Bastard Nation (Live) 05:49 05.Mother North (Live) 09:06 06.The Pentagram Burns (Radio Edit) 04:03 07.Last Man Standing (Guitar Wall Mix) 03:38 08.Den Siste (Analog Mix) 07:22 ===== Total Size: 145.2 MB Total Playtime: 89:12 http://rapidshare.com/files/159147452/Satyricon-The_Age_Of_Nero__limited_edition_-2CD-2008-QTXMp3.zip
  20. Ja sam potpuno zaboravio na ovaj film, bas sam se uzeleo da gledam neki novi film Kevinov, nadam se da ce pirati za kratko vreme izbaciti dobre screenere.
  21. Nashville Pussy - Live In Hollywood (69:53 min.) Song Breakdown: 1. Pussy Time 2. Going Down Swinging 3. High as Hell 4. Piece of Ass 5. Come on Come on 6. Good Night For a Heart attack 7. She's Meaner Than My Momma 8. Go Motherfucker Go 9. I'm Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati and Kick the Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy 10. One Way Down 11. Hell Ain't What It Used To Be 12. Hate and Whiskey 13. I'm The Man 14. Nutbush City Limits 15. The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out 16. She's Got The Drugs 17. Shoot First Run Like Hell 18. Lazy White Boy 19. Snake Eyes 20. You're Goin' Down http://rapidshare.com/files/158021728/Nashville_Pussy-Live_in_Hollywood-_DVD_-2008-0MNi.rar
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