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Guest Razbijač-NAAĆI

Da vam bacim moju rimu je'nu:


Janez got the tracks I got the raps my name is Razbijač

Makin' money by the stacks like the sojke from the Mošorin

Snappin' necks (nema veze sa Stuck Mojo-om) and cashin' checks

I wrecks a mic like a Mexican trippin' on tequila

Better notify your next of kin cold loco like a Cocoa Puff

Cuckoo for that funky stuff rollin' with some

Prijem, cause you know that shit

So ruff so tuff I'll huff and puff a blunt

And sink a drink right out that bottle

Razbijač on the motherfuckin' throttle not a goddamn roll model

You best recognize I'll take a Bane Susnhine any day over St. Nidza

In my pocket there's a Trojan throw on a slow jam

Some Earth, Wind, and Fire and I'll hit and run

Until you find the one that makes you realize that your player days are done

You put the Mercedes (ciganski san) in park and let the motherfucker idle

It's like Janez said Razbijač is unbridled

I'm a horse without a saddle like a snake

I'll shake and rattle always prepared for battle

I'm a motherfuckin' Lamborgini

Cops are corrupt and kids are kickin' up dust

And it's about to erupt the world is ready to bust

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uros ga je zaboravljao cele prosle nedelje, a ove nedelje ga nema na faxu.

donece valjda na svirku ako se ne seti sutra.


bedak sto nemas onu moju djubrad, ali to pada u senku ako souf preporuka jebe. ;)




@razbijac indijski orah. zaraza. grok.gif

Edited by ^Suicide_Pony^

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