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To dream of freedom in this world

Our banners flying proudly are unfurled

Even if we stand alone we must never hide

For in our hearts there is a sense of pride



For the blood and honour

For the blood and for the pride

For the blood and honour

We must never let our Europe be taken for a ride


We look with caution to the east

We can see the red flag on the beast

Countless millions have died at the Marxists' hands

We would fight and die to keep our land




instrumental break




Marxists' greedy hands around our throats

Bankers buying up your lives and sitting back to gloat

We should fight to control our people's fate

Europe never was no puppet state


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It's 8 a.m. and your day has nearly started

You must be at the office dead on nine

Hey Mr. 9-to-5 it's just another day

And you must have done the same so many times


Reach the office, you sit down and have a cup of tea

Read the paper and tut-tut at the news

The enemies of this country are marching on our streets

But you don't care so long as they don't touch you



Hey Mr., Mr. 9-to-5

Won't you tell me what you think of life?

Think of all the things that you have missed

Don't you want much more from life than this?


Pick your daughter up from school and take her home with you

You wonder why she's looking bored and down

You wonder where it was that you went wrong, when she turns 'round and says

"Well I hope I never turn out like you"



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Don't be too late, don't miss the train

We gotta get a result, Lord what a pain, what a game

We gotta keep fighting, we gotta walk tall

We gotta stick together, and then march forward, one and all



Don't be too late, never hold back when your land's at stake

Don't be too late, the man who holds back has got to be a fake

Don't be too late, people 'round here are never gonna run

Don't be too late, well they can't complain when their time has come


On the streets of Britain, they're trying to grind us down

Government pressure, communist foes all around

We will keep fighting, the sheep behind their doors

It's just another battle, in a private British war, we're fighting for


(chorus) x3



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Democracy won't stand the test of time

Unemployment and a rising rate of crime

Will you stay or will you go?

When the time comes you will have to know

Are you gonna stand and fight for your race?



When the storm breaks, which way will you go?

When the storm breaks, you will have to know

When the storm breaks, what you gonna do?

When the storm breaks, can we count on you?


"Predictable" is what I once said to you

Did you listen, no you laughed like a pack of fools

Now you can see what fools you were

You had the chance but you blew it

Now you're gonna face the storm and fight in it




All the papers, the radio and TV

Never known them to tell the truth to me

Only there to brainwash you their way

Got to learn to ignore them everyday



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He stuck up for his country, but he didn't like the cost

The European brother war, and lives were being lost

He saw the grieving mothers whose sons could not be found

He wanted peace to stop the endless coffins on the ground


He got up on one morning and he went out to his plane

He said good-bye to his wife, but doubts were in his brain

To sue for peace was his idea in 1941

But the bankers' grip was oh so tight, and the chance for peace was gone



Free Rudolf Hess

How long can they keep him there? We can only guess

I said free Rudolf Hess

How long can they keep him there? We can only guess


He never realized that day that chivalry had died

Britain was in alien hands but at least a man had tried

Forty years is a long long time in a prison cell to be

And I feel ashamed at the sentence passed on a man who wanted peace




And now the situation has changed in many ways

The Allies want to let him go, they've decided he has paid

The Red scum in the Kremlin with their kosher values try

To keep a proud man locked away until the day he dies




He's a prisoner of peace

Kept there at the will of the Marxists in the east

He's a prisoner of peace

Kept there at the wishes of the Marxists in the east




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You over-run my country, with your blood and steel

Never thought to ask us, how it made us feel

Cutting down our people, we never had no hope

We stood against your bullets, but we could never cope



You can't understand and you won't understand our land

I said you can't understand and you won't understand our land


You tried to take our manhood, you tried to steal our pride

You made our people suffer, you took us for a ride

We got ourselves a union, to try to air our voice

When it started speaking, you smashed it like a toy




Don't understand our culture, don't understand our lives

Don't understand our suffering, don't understand our strife




I said we don't want you here, with your tanks and your fear, get out

Why don't you leave, and let out country breathe, right now


Poland, Reds out of Poland

Poland, Reds out of Poland

Poland, Reds out of Poland

Poland, Reds out of Poland





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Many people, of a kind, Mother Europe's sons

Faced so many tragedies at the barrel of a loaded gun

A guardian angel stands with us, stands by our side

When danger threatens our cherished land, she'll be there with a flag held high now



Mother Europe, stands by our side

Mother Europe, we all live for you now.


So many martyrs, whose blood has drenched the soil

So many honest men, who on the land have toiled

So many warriors, whose bones are laid to rest

For keeping Europe sacred, will be our fateful quest




instrumental break




For far too long now we've sat in apathy

But just be warned now, before the coming tragedy

For the power and the glory stand within our reach

We must prepare the struggle for the victory we seek




Mother Europe, stands by our side

Mother Europe, we will die for you now




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Da ne davim vise sa textovima...


Ali, jebi ga..ipak moram..Za kraj sam ostavio moju omiljenu pesmicu




Night trains, filling up, on a railway station in Berlin

On the way to the Eastern Front, as winter was closing in

Young soldiers who were on their way to a freezing, living hell

For victory's dreams had faded now, amongst explosions and deadly shells



Night trains, moving out

Moving on, to the distant east

Pride and love for the Fatherland

As they sought the road to victory


They choose to fight against all odds, against a foe without a god

They fought for good, for all mankind, along death's roads they bravely trod

Marching on to a fiery fate, their courage it did not fail

To a land of fire and ice, they advanced up danger's trails




instrumental break




As the they marched into the icy wastes, there was no end in their sights

And all they had was their comradeship, and the bitter cold of endless nights

Well so many died in graves of ice, never again to see their Fatherland

As their blood was spilt, so died their dreams, before the true ideal they took their stand


(chorus) x2


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Evo i lista albuma..mada mislim da nije potpuna..Ako neko misli da sam nesto izostavio neka doda...



"The Early Years"

"All Skrewed Up"

"Boots & Braces / Voice of Britain"

"Hail the New Dawn"

"Blood & Honour"

"White Rider"

"After the Fire"


"The Strong Survive"

"Freedom What Freedom"

"Hail Victory"


Ian Stuart

"No Turning Back"

"Slay the Beast"



Ian Stuart & Stigger

"Patriotic Ballads"

"Patriotic Ballads II"


Ian Stuart & Rough Justice

"Justice for the Cottbus Six"



Toliko...da vidimo vas sud!!

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Vidi se da se razumes...nema sta!


iskreno sumnjam da ces naci neki dostojan odgovor na kontrapitanja...



Inace, suvishe sam malo slushao stvari od Screwdriver-a, mada sam dosta upoznat u Ian-ov zivot i rad.

Najbolja je balada "The Snow Fell" ...samo ne znam sa kog je izdanja... icon_confused.gif



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Album se zove "White riders"


a samo za tebe





He sat in a room, in a square the color of blood

He'd rule the whole world, if there was a way that he could

He'd sit and he'd stare at the minarets on top of the towers

For he was the beast, as he hatched his new plans to gain power



As the snow fell, covering the dreams and ideals

As the snow fell, freezing the blood and the wheels

As the snow fell, they had to keep warm for survival

As the snow fell, and defeated the beast's only rivals


They took the old roads, that Napoleon had taken before

They fought as the forces of light against the darkness in a holy war

One day they were looking out in the sunshine on the cornflowers

The next day they were freezing to death in the snow and the ice cold showers


Then came the deadly road back on the steppes of their retreat

The cold racked their bodies, but worse was the pain of defeat

And people who had hailed them once now turned and looked away

These people now knew that the beast was on his way


You finally came back to the borders of your Fatherland

Now enemies came, traitors everywhere at hand

Many people had fought and died, knowing that they had to win

And still it sickens my heart to see the picture of the Red flag in Berlin




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Tvoja stvar...meni odgovara...Svako ima svoje misljenje..Zato i postoje forumi

Pa da to je lepo kad svako ima svoje misljenje. Samo steta je sto APSOLUTNA VECINA onih koji slusaju Ian-a to misle kada su oni u pitanju, a kad je neko drugi onda i ne bas pa u ispravnost svog misljenja pokusavaju da ga ubede sa batinama.

A dokaza o tome bez da se lazemo imas na sve strane.

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Muzika Skrewdrivera je pravljena za odredjeni krug ljudi...Znaci, nije to Metallica da je slusaju i taxisti, ranceri, vozaci autobusa..Ian Steuart je legenda koja ce vecno da traje...Tebi hvala sto si izneo svoje misljenje..,Sta mene zabole da li ce neko da kaze kako su oni koji ne slusaju Skrewdriver i ne cene lik i delo Iana Steuarta Donaldsona slabici i kako ce dobiti batine zbog toga...svaka muzika ima svog krug slusaoca...Kome se svidja-svidja..kome ne-ne..Toliko!

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Evo na ovoj stranici mozete naci nesto vise o Ian Stuartu






Ian Stuart je bio veliki covek.On je bio veliki NS aktivista i patriota koji je voleo svoj naord i svoju rasu.


Osnivac je NS skinheads pokreta i Blood&Honour organizacije koja je okupljala i danas okuplja sve prave NS skinehdse u svetu i u Srbiji.


Ian je bio veliki muzicar koji je imao veliki talenat.Zbog svoje politicke opredeljenosti njegov muzicki talen nije mogao da dodje do izrazaja jer Jevreji i komunisti su svuda pokusavali da ga zaustave.


Ian Sturat je ubijen od strane Engleske tajne sluzbe MI5 jer su njegove ideje i muzika pocile da se sire i vise nego sto treba tako su resili da ga ubiju time sto su mu pokvarili auto i napravili sve da izgleda kao automobilska nesreca.


Ian stuart nije mrtav njegova ideja i put zive i dalje u nasim srcima!!!








Mislim da se na ovim stranicama moze naci dosta toga na MP3 od Skrewdriver.

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