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Space Eater


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Jedan copy - paste da osvezim temu.



Ulazak - 20h


- RISE OF HORROR performans - 20:30h

- IN FROM THE COLD - 21:30h

- INFEST - 22:30h

- BANE - 23:30h

- SPACE EATER - 00:30h


+ od 20h non stop METAL MARKET

+ 01:30 - 05h METAL NIGHT after!




Ulaz = 400din (samo na dan dogadjaja, na ulazu!)


Vidimo se,



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Karlo se odlično snašao,činimi se da je više voditelj bio uzbuđen nego sam Karlo,izgleda da Ameri svršavaju na Space i treba kad je novi album pocepao više od dve trećine američkih thrash nada i starih isluženih i bezidejnih klasika!Samo napred momci!

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Iz Terrorizera:





Here’s an album engulfed in tragedy. Space Eater’s original vocalist and spokesman Boško ‘RNA’ Radišić was such a truly dedicated metalhead that when speaking to Tez in late 2007 around the release of their debut ‘Merciful Angel’, he revealed he briefly deserted the mandatory Serbian military service to attend the band’s prime influence, Agent Steel's, first ever gig in his own country. Alas, upon the completion of the demo version of this, Radišić tragically died in a fire on June 3, 2009, leaving the band’s future in jeopardy. That ‘Aftershock’ nevertheless materialised eighteen months later alone would have made it quite an achievement, but that it’s one of the best pure thrash albums of the moment makes it even better. Under those harsh conditions, the band built a frantic, yet extremely controlled, Bay Area-influenced killer cut around Radišić’s demo recordings, but that the two extra tracks where he’s been replaced by lead guitarist Luka Matković are as good as the rest speaks volumes about their dedication.




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