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Lacuna Coil

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Dosadaaaaan album. Ovaj lik stvarno bi valjalo da prestane vise da peva u ovom bendu. Tacnije, trebao je prestati jos posle prvog albuma (ili jos bolje, nikada nije ni trebao zapevati). Licno misljenje, naravno - Lacuna Coil je danas prenavikani bend bez apsolutnog razloga za to kad su pesme i albumi u pitanju (ne racunajuci Scabbiu i njen izgled koji ocigledno i presudjuje sto su uvek aktuelni).


Prosek proseka.

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Lacuna Coil have started recording the follow up to their highly successful 2009 “Shallow Life” album which spawned the hit singles “Spellbound” and “I Won’t Tell You”. The band are once again working with producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine), this time choosing to record in their native Italy to help focus on the more personal nature of the new material.


“This time around music has been our refuge from some of the darkest days of our life and that's why the new songs have such a variety of feelings... some stuff is pretty angry, probably the heaviest we've ever written, some other songs are intense, loaded with velvet dark emotions and there's even a little space for some light at the end of the tunnel”, says Lacuna Coil co-vocalist Andrea Ferro. “People are askin' me if we're going back to our roots or if we're taking another step forward in a new direction... well to be honest I just feel that this is 100% a LACUNA COIL record and that is what really matters to me. I just love the songs and we felt a big wave of inspiration. The energy with Don in the studio is sky-high and we're ready to kick some ass.”


“Collectively, we did so much in between ‘Shallow life’ and this one. We have lots of different experiences between us,” continues co-vocalist Cristina Scabbia. “We've been loved and hurt, we grew up, we shrunk inside a little keeping ourselves together and our roots watered and are alive. I still can't believe that the energy in between us is getting better and better, but I guess that's what being a real family means.”


The as-of-yet untitled album is roughly scheduled for a release in the fall of 2011 on Century Media Records.






Nadam se da će biti MNOGO bolji od Shallow Life-a.

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ja sam ih vala slusao kao lud, racunajuci albume pre poslednja dva. Tada nisam imao ni pojma kako im izgleda pevacica. Nabavio sam MP3 kompilaciju Lacuna Coil + On Thorns I Lay kod SKCa na jednom narezanom, tamo negde 2005... i odusevio se na oba benda, mozda malo vise na OTIL.

E koja su to bila vremena, nadjes tako neki bend i uzmes slusas celu diskografiju mesecima. Zavalis se lepo i slusas, uzivas, a ne danas odes na net, pogledas spotove za 2-3 singla, procitas 257 komentara na 4 foruma, i onda dodjes na peti forum (yumetal) tek se uclanis i krenes da izbacujes govna na usta.

Stavis ruku preko usta al nece da stane, samo izlazi...

Jesu zadnja dva albuma losa, ali sa prethodnima su bili odlican bend, zato su i postali popularni. Ima i danas dosta grupa sa lepim pevacicama ali se gase posle 2 albuma zato sto su sranje. A ni LC nece dugo ako novi ne bude bolji...

Jbg zna se kako se zapinje, vezba i pisu pesme dok se mucis da zaradis kintu za studio, sad im je sve na dohvat ruke pa ih boli tuki...


e bre koji je album bio Comalies, albumcina !!

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