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Marilyn Manson

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A yebaga, ja jedwa cekam da cujem nowe pesme i swaka west mi je bitna :D

Cudno mi je sto mu je jedna od inspiracija bila i onaj slucaj kanibalizma u Nemackoj, po kome je Rammstein wec naprawio pesmu ( Mann gegen Mann waljdaK )

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Ohohoooooo jos nowosti :rockdevil:

I "read" it using this translator


The journalist sounds mutch more possitive then what the thread starter made it seem.


Of 00'00 at 04'35 Putting Holes In Happiness (puts holes in the happiness )

A title tempo shaped maudlin riffs of guitar up and epic mi- ns. On this serenade heavy dark, Manson dresses a voice with tortured crooner and chiale one diatribe assassinates. Musically, one thinks about metal of Mechanical Animals (notemment at the Sfxdummytioning title) at the glamour. A 2'46 one solo of guitar shouts his despair hanging practically one minute (he ends at 3'37.) Never seen it at Manson. [b, Fundamentally Loathsome] One guesses while the record will be very strong émotionnellement probably in narrow tie with the recent rupture with Dita.


Of 04'36 at 09'36 When The Heart Guide The Hand (When the heart guides the hand )

This time, it is rhythmic compulsive and hypnotic which rocks a martial tempo, militaristic limit. One thinks about Walk In Line with the binary battery of Joy Division transposed at the 21e century and surboosté by a sound démentiel. Some disseminated notes of synthé subtilement reinforce the aspect 80's. The title is ultra- repetitious and Violent New Breed remembers of Shotgun Messiah (ex- group of Tim Sköld.) The bass player thus puts his dominion down on the composition and sin mixes undeniable talent with the voice désepérée God of Fuck. In closing, a broken box at rhythm precipitates us to the abysses. When The Heart Guide The Hands if impose like the one of the slaughters of the future album, ready to rip danceflood evenings goth.


Of 09'37 at 13'54 They Say Hell Is Not Hot (They say that the hell is not hot )

One plunges in a glamour metal at the sequins color antharcite. The title is minimaliste, B effeuille slowly and electronics is taken away of arrangements too much invading. If he acknowledges have a stern liking for the absinth, Manson seems to want to play sobriété favoring more organic instrumentations. An organ of' church darkens the atmosphere after a new solo of guitar démentiel. Everything as in Putting Holes In Happiness, Révéren tries themselves here at the emotional song and forbids themselves all expendable rage. It is as though he s was resolute to deposit the weapons and at fredonner the song of the swan of a humanity in perdition.


Of 13'55 at Grave 18'02 Red Carpet (The grave at the red carpet )

Big astonished for a title which begins of a manner very british. One could almost think about saccédées at the Who with guitars at the its voluntarily filthy. Back, massive beat destroys this effect vintage and propels the rock English in a new size along. Some ascents punk copulate with of the solos criards in a musical frantic orgy. Eye-liner dégouline under the sweat and this title destructuré comes to an end at swipes of larsens in a fat resounding brothel.


Of 18'03 at 24'04 I' m Not Your Vampire (I am not your vampire )

The group - or instead duet so much the alchemy enters Manson and Sköld seems to reach its paroxysm - l pursues 'astonishment. This long mystic procession of 6,01 is filled with agonizing réverbérations. A slow and oppressing melody builds itself at the rear of one dusty crypt. Some salacious choirs susurrent of the horrors at the ear while an acoustic out-of-tune guitar remembers the heaviest moments of anti- Christ Superstar. The music goes and comes to the rhythm of smells érotico dark dictated by prochète Manson. It is plain good, this Gothic fresco owns all the aura and the potential for succeed to the (pfx in dethrone)able and mythical Bela Lugosi' s Dead of Bauhaus. An ambition in fact barely hidden by Manson, who confessed lately to have wanted goth. Surely its the most choking title


Of 24'05 at 28'02 Are You The Rabbit? (I Are you the rabbit?)

The sharp riffs metal of Golden Age Farcical Of make them apparitions for cisailler for us the wombs on the unique annoyed title of this session n 'listens. The battery cataclysmique punctuates the frantic cavalcade of Manson looking for a rabbit of flesh inside a maze of steel. A title without big surprise, mzis who seems carved for the lioning and should harangue the crowds.


Of 28'03 at 32'58 Just A Crash Away (Righteous at a car accident )

Here is a ballad subversive at the triturations guitaristiques to conclude our 1ere exclusive pre- listening. Again, spectre of Mechanical Animals haunts a title at the flavor of Coma White. Manson gives the impression to back themselves up on very strong feelings and sings more sincerity than never. It would be said that he detaches himself from public entertainer 's personage spitting chunks of himself at syllabe. One closing who seems to represent well l' frame. The ultimate gift of rupture at Dita?

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mm je faca samo mnogo cesto izdaje nove albume sto se mene tice moze i u septembru da izda novi album necu se buniti i kakva su to ocekivanja pa je Golden Age razocarao? meni je ok ne mislim da je los

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Ne mislim da mnogo cesto izdaje albume...Naprotiw :)

a ewo je i tracklista !

1. "If I Was Your Vampire" – 6:01

2. "Putting Holes in Happiness" – 4:35

3. "The Red Carpet Grave" – 4:47

4. "They Said Hell Is Not Hot" – 4:17

5. "Just a Car Crash Away" – 4:55

6. "Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)" – 5:00

7. "Evidence"

8. "Are You the Rabbit?" – 3:57

9. "Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery"

10. "You and Me and the Devil Makes 3"

11. "Eat Me, Drink Me"

Prwi singl je Putting Holes in Happiness" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putting_Holes_in_Happiness !!!


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"bas ne izdaje cesto albume.i sa kompilacijama se ohladio zadnjih godina,znam da je ranije bas dosta mixova izdavao"



jok nego kupujes ceo disk sa pesmama koje vec imas samo da bi cuo onu jednu novu. meni se svidja sto ne izdaje tako cesto

Edited by anelej

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Izasao je preview za prwi singl "Heart-Shaped Glasses" >>> PREVIEW

Treba wam Real Player da biste ga pustili...


Auuu sto je ovo cudno... ima taj brit pop fazon samo mi se cini da Mansonov nikako ne ide uz ovo.

Bice ovo najcudniji MM album jos od Mechanical Animals! :da:

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