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vidi ga ĐETIĆe sto jede govna






Holy shit, the rumors are true! We were speculating that we would hear new Pig Destroyermusic in 2012 on the simple fact that Decibel sent an email teasing it, but now we have full confirmation. Relapse Records, the grind band's label just sent out the following mouth-watering press release:


The extreme music world is about to get a much needed cinderblock to the face as the mighty PIG DESTROYER has entered the studio to record their highly anticipated 5th full-length record and first album in over five years! The band is self-producing and recording the new album at guitarist Scott Hull’s Visceral Sound Studios in Alexandria, VA. The as-of-yet-titled album is a return to a raw, primitive sound and will feature 19 songs of their signature misanthropic grind. A late 2012 release is expected via Relapse Records.


This time around, PIG DESTROYER have enlisted the help of Adam Jarvis (MISERY INDEX) to lend inhuman drumming skills to the aural hatred. Now a full time member, Scott Hull commented on the addition of Adam:


“Tracking the drums happened this week and I'm honestly amazed at how Adam stepped up to the task of learning some challenging shit outside of his standard comfort zone. He came into the studio ready to destroy and destroy he did. And in the haze of long studio hours he never settled for a bad take. He's a real soldier. Adam has helped breathe new life into the band and we feel like we are starting fresh. Everyone here is excited for people to check out the new jams.”


Oh hell yes! New PxDx is definitely coming in 2012 to grind your face off!

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Due on October 22 via Relapse Records, "Book Burner" features 19 tracks with a return to the band's raw, misanthropic sound. The effort will be available on multiple formats, including CD, deluxe 2xCD, LP, deluxe 2xLP, cassette, digital and an extremely limited ultimate edition dubbed "The Order Of The Godless Swine."


The deluxe editions will each contain a bonus disc of punk covers and a short story, titled "The Atheist", penned by frontman JR Hayes. "The Atheist" is a post-apocalyptic tale about a decaying world taken over by the violence of religion that showcases the renowned lyricists' unsurpassed style for the first time as prose. The deluxe 2xLP will also contain an etched b-side featuring artwork by WORMROT frontman Arif Rot. The ultimate edition, limited to 100 copies, includes an exclusive t-shirt, autographed deluxe 2xLP on exclusive blood red color vinyl, a PIG DESTROYER flip-top wick style lighter, and an Order Of The Godless Swine membership card, which includes a digital download of the whole collection plus an alternate "dynamic" mastering job of both records done by Scott Hull intended to be played at maximum volume. The membership card will also entitle each card carrying member to a free t-shirt directly from the band at any PIG DESTROYER show.


"Book Burner" track listing:


Disc 1: Book Burner


01. Sis

02. The American's Head

03. The Underground Man

04. Eve

05. The Diplomat

06. All Seeing Eye

07. Valley Of The Geysers

08. Book Burner

09. Machiavellian

10. Baltimore Strangler

11. White Lady

12. The Bug

13. Iron Drunk

14. Burning Palm

15. Dirty Knife

16. Totaled

17. Kamikaze Heart

18. King Of Clubs

19. Permanent Funeral


Disc 2: "Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding" (Deluxe Editions Only)


01. Depression (BLACK FLAG)

02. Wolfs Blood (MISFITS)

03. Lights Out (ANGRY SAMOANS)

04. Can't Tell No One (NEGATIVE APPROACH)

05. Deny Everything (CIRCLE JERKS)

06. Betray (MINOR THREAT)

07. Who Are You? (VOID)

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