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Darkest Hour


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metalcore/melodic death bend iz Washington DC-ja




The Mark of the Judas [2000]

So Sedated, So Secure [2001]

Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation [2003]

Undoing Ruin [2005]

So Sedated, So Secure [reizdanje] [2006]

Archives [2006]



The Misantrophe [1996]

The Prophecy Fulfilled [1999]



A Split Seven Inch [1999] sa bendom Groundzero

Where Heroes Go to Die [2001] sa bendom Dawncore

Split Seven Inch [2004] sa bendom Set My Path




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Posto je rijec, zna vec Nemanja, o mom drugom omiljenom bendu svih vremena i bendu koji obozavam - idem na to! Postava je lani mnogo bolja i bogatija bila, al i ove godine ima haos da bude!

Darkest Hour - cista perfekcija u svakom obliku 8)

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