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The Melvins


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Stvarno me mrzi da pishem biografiju o ovom bendu zato sto je ogromna...cak je i skracena verzija preduga...tako cu vam reci samo najvaznije cinjenice za ovaj bend.


The melvins su hardore punk bend (u pocetku) pa onda grunge..pa alterative metal/rock...pa sludge..pa na kraju se sve to svede na jedan mnogo dobar rock bend.


Melvinsi su jedan od najgenijalnijih sastava u istoriji muzike...takodje jedan od najvrednijih...zashto najvrednijih...well pogledajte listu izdanja i raspored izdavanja i sve ce vam biti jasno.Dve glavne face u bendu su Buzz Osbourne (King Buzzo...gitara i vokal)i Dale Crover (bubnjevi) i oni su u bendu od samog nastanka...dobro crover je doshao posle fecal mattera u kome je bio kurt cobain...kroz melvinse su proshli mnogi clanovi ali nazalost kratko su se zadrzavali pa je tandem buzzo-crover uvek ostajao.U pitanju su uglavnom bassisti zato sto su melvinsi uvek radili kao trojac sem na poslednjem albumu gde ih ima cetvoro..


Imaju mnogo dobre ploce...ali imaju i neke mnogo dosadne...glavni problem sa melvinsima jeste sto imaju 39 ploci,48 singlova i 25 kompilacija na kojima se pojavljuju...od toga imaju 20 full lenght albuma...znaci ludnica...svake godine novo melvins izdanje...i hvala bogu na tome..


Najbolji album...i album koji je proslavio bend jeste "Houdini"...nakon houdini-ja doshao je i odlicni Stoner Witch...mnogo dobra ploca..posle toga par prosecnih ploci..sve do 2002 kada izbacuju Hostile Ambient Takeover...koji je dobar...ali nakon njega 2006 izlazi i (A) Senille animal...koji je neverovatan...malo tezak za slushanje u pocetku ali kada ga pohvatate necete moci da se odviknete...da ne pricam vishe koje slushao neka ostavi nekakav komentar zato sto nemaju puno fanova u srbiji...


Takodje su izvrhsili veliki utisak na doom metal scenu...drone doom bend Boris se nazvao po nazivu jedne njihove pesme,dok ih mnogi sludge bendovi nazivaju glavnim influenceom...



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bas zbog te raznolikosti i mnogobrojnosti albuma nikad nisam uspeo da ih pohvatam...

to sto si rekao imaju 39 ploci,48 singlova i 25 kompilacija mislim da je samo 5% od onoga sto sam nalazio na netu... pa neki bendovi nisu imali toliko svirki koliko oni albuma...

obecavam sebi vec duuuuugo da cu malo vise da ih proucim... ono sto sam cuo je ok, ali daleko od toga da bih se nalozio...

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Imas li Sieg Howdy?Dvd nemam ali ako nadjem torrent prosledicu ga ovde :pivopije:


Narafski da imam! Jedino shto mi nedostaje jeste taj dvd i:


Melvins - Barbaraal (1. June Bug (live) 2.Noise (live))

Melvins - The Bit (4 pesme)

Melvins/Guv'ner - split (2 pesme)

Melvins/Nirvana - split (1.Nirvana - Here She Comes Now 2.Melvins - Venus in Furs )

Melvins - Salad Of A Thousand Delights (video)

Melvins - Revolve (2 pesme)

Melvins - Queen (2 pesme)

Melvins - Night Goat (2 pesme)

Melvins - Neither Here Nor There (18 pesama)

Melvins - Melvinmania (15 pesama)

Melvins - Lizzy (4 pesme)

Melvins - Live Tora Tora Tora Tour (18 pesama)

Melvins - Live At Slim's (13 pesama)

Melvins - Anti Vermin Seed (2 pesme)

Melvins - Hooch/Sky Pup (2 pesme)

Melvins - Hag Me (3 pesme)

Melvins - A Live History of Gluttony and Lust (13 pesama)

Melvins - With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands (3 pesme)

Melvins - Leech (21 pesma)

Melvins - Pigskin / Starve Already

Melvins - A Live History of Gluttony and Lust

Melvins - split w/ Patton Oswalt

Melvins - split w/H.O.F.

Melvins - smash the state e.p.

Melvins - Making Love Demos

Melvins - The End


Ako neko ima bilo shta od ovoga, nka mi se OBAVEZNO javi, a sve ostale imam :)

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Format: 320kbp/s | Total time: 0:16:17

Melvins & H•O•F — «Tour Double Set» [split Vinyl 7'']

картинка, оставленная пользователем картинка, оставленная пользователем

1. Melvins & H•O•F — Real Fucking Nasty (3:37)

2. H•O•F — Stalin's Child (2:22)

3. H•O•F — Drunken Paddy (2:39)

Melvins & HAZE XXL — «Smash The State» [split Vinyl 7'']

картинка, оставленная пользователем

1. Melvins & HAZE XXL — Smash The State (1:06)

2. Melvins & HAZE XXL — Stalin's Solution (1:05)

3. Melvins & HAZE XXL — Communist Concubine (1:03)

4. Melvins & HAZE XXL — Useful Idiot (1:35)


1. HAZE XXL & King Buzzo — Birthday Fuck (1:43)

2. HAZE XXL & King Buzzo — Detroit Insect Eye (1:07)

Pass: Elvis




the Melvins 2008 The End

1. At A Crawl

2. Black Stooges

3. Night Goat

4. Revolve - The Brain Center At Whipples

5. Let It All Be

6. Hooch

7. Mombius Hibachi

8. The Bloat

9. The Bit





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Melvins announce new album


Seattle, Washington's Melvins will be releasing a new album on July 8 via Ipecac titled Nude With Boots. The lineup will remain the same, with constants Buzz and Dale holding down guitar and drums, respectively, and Big Business' holding down the bass and more drums. The album will be eleven tracks.


The group has released only one album with this incarnation, A Senile Animal, released in 2006. The label will also be releasing The Fantomas/Melvins Big Band Live from London 2006 DVD featuring audio commentary from Buzz, Danny DeVito and Ipecac co-owner Greg Werckman.


Seksi. :wub:

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Od ovih mozeh komotno da krenes: Lysol, Houdini, Stoner Witch, The Maggot, The Crybaby, (A) Senile Animal i sada ovaj poslednji Nude With Boots, mozda ti se mnogi albumi nece dopasti na prvo slusanje, ali ces verovatno na kraju naci album koji ce ti se mnogo dopasti ;)






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Izasao je Fantomas Melvins Big Band na Dvd-u.

Recenzija koja uzdize dvd do nebesa:


Throughout his long, illustrious, genre-switching career, musician and vocalist extraordinaire Mike Patton has only released two official feature length live recorded performances. The first of these films debuted way back in 1990, and featured Patton's second band Faith No More engaged in one of their earliest routines. Entitled Live at the Brixton Academy: You Fat B**tards, the project showcased a young untested talent and offers a pre-screech glimpse at one of the most prolific contemporary artists living today. Its sloppy effervescence may be why we hadn't seen another filmed stage show from Patton until late last year. A known perfectionist, Patton can't stand to watch his own live gigs. Until now, fans have had to rely on unofficial bootlegs (of which there are many and of various differing qualities). Speaking with Patton late last December, he explained what he doesn't like about certain concert films and why he doesn't deem it necessary to release these works to the public, "I am not crazy about music DVDs. Just the thought of sitting and watching a full concert from start to finish is hard enough for me to do in person. Let alone on a fucking DVD. To me, unless the footage looks really spectacular...Unless it's a one-time project that I want to document, I have no burning desire to do concert DVDs."


In 2007, Patton eventually found that one burning desire. Through his own Ipecac record label, the metal maestro and punk-pop god released the first in a continuing line of DVDs entitled Kaada and Patton: Live. This particular concert film featured a one-time live performance from the collaborative album Romances that Patton recorded with Norwegian soundscape artist Kaada in 2004. It is a dreamy, black and white mini-masterpiece that captures these two maniacs at the top of their game. And it also offers a unique glimpse into the backstage life of this often-illusive screamer. About bringing this particular project to the screen, Patton explains, "This was something that we were only going to do one time. We aren't going to tour this record. The entire band is a bunch of Norwegians. And they are all very busy. They are all session guys. And they do a lot of film work. With everybody's schedule, it was a really hard thing to pull off. It is not something we will ever tour. It wasn't a band, per say. It was more like a studio project. The fact that we even accomplished playing a show live, we thought it would be a good idea to film it. It turned out good. I was like, 'We should put this out as a DVD.' So we did."


Initially, Patton had no other plans to put out another live show featuring himself at the helm. He wanted to use his Ipecac DVD imprint to showcase other artists such as Isis (Isis: Clearing the Eye - Visual/Aural Fragments and Excerpts 2001-2005) and the Melvins, and short films like the recently released A Perfect Place (which also contains a full length album orchestrated by Patton) . It wasn't until director Douglas Pledger showed up at a London rehearsal that Patton's third concert film would come to fruition. A friend of The Melvins' own Buzz Osborne, Pledger asked if he, along with his two buddies Matthew Rozeik and Alex Gunnis, could film their May 1st, 2006 Fantomas/Melvins collaborative Big Band performance. Patton okayed their omniscient presence at the show, thinking he would never again see any of the footage. But that wasn't the case. Pledger had taken his film stock and reworked it into an amazing, animated masterwork that impressed Patton enough to release it to the hungry masses. "(Pledger) happened to be at one of the London shows. He said, 'You don't have to pay me. I am going to do this whether you want the footage or not.' I was like, 'Okay. No harm. No foul.' Then he sent us the footage. It is fucking stunning. He added a bunch of visual effects to it. It is more than just a concert film. There is some amazing animation in it. It is really well done."


Though shot in May of 2006, the film is just now being released. The entire project took Pledger sometime to finalize and perfect. But on August 26th, you will be able to buy and view this excellent film for yourself. Pledger and his two cohorts have captured the Fantomas/Melvins Big Band experience from many different angles, and it is hands down the best live show ever captured featuring the likes of Mike Patton and The Melvins. The hour and twenty minute set piece has a cinematic composition that looks stunning when viewed on any HD monitor. Filmed at London's Kentish Town Forum, the concert captures two of today's most prolific metal bands playing in perfect synchronicity with each other. Watching Dale Crover and Dave Lombardo, unarguable two of the best contemporary drummers in the world at the moment, beat out brutal rhythms in perfect unison is a spectacle that needed to be captured and presented in this sort of light. This is the next best thing to seeing them play live, and with the added animation and visuals, it might be a bit more interesting than partaking in the band's real-time ticket sale.


Pledger is able to shake out several subtle moments and eviscerate them with a beautiful touch of madness. He scrapes forth certain hidden cues, and employs these electric conductions with a visual flare not seen in most concert films. One moment the screen is raining washed out blood cells on our team of wicked players. The next, Patton is arching his eyebrows in a barmy bit of throat theatrics only to squeeze them into a bought of fabricated lightning, recreating is persona as some sort of mad scientist. The musical performance is extremely tight, sounding straight off a studio dock. And with the amount of manipulation Patton plays into his brand of Fantomas music, it is no small feat that he pulls this amazing show off live. Neither Fantomas nor The Melvins have ever sounded quite this good on stage. All members from both bands are present and playing their game best. On stage along with Patton, Lombardo, Osborne, and Crover are Mr. Bungle's own Trevor Dunn and The Melvins' Sir David Scott Stone. Remove the imposed theatrics from the screen, and you are still left with an amazing magic show of cacophony and harmony, working hard to out do one another in a knuckle busting bit if musical psychosis.


The sounds heard coming out of Patton's throat are inhuman. Both he and Osborne scorch through an intense set that culls various compositions and pieces from both their oeuvres. The band opens with an ominous, ambient four minute take on Flipper's Sacrifice. It's nothing short of awesome to watch Osborne and Patton trade vocal duties as they switch hit from each other's catalogues. Of The Melvins, we get rousing renditions of Night Goat, Electric Long Thin Wire, Pigs of the Roman Empire, Hooch, Skin Horse, Let it All Be, and Lowrider. The most amazing set comes when Osborne and Patton tag-team through Mombius Hibachi, quickly transitioning it into Page 23 from Fantomas' debut self-titled album. Other pages include 27, 28, 3, and 14. From The Director's Cut, the Big Band beats out the themes from The Omen, Cape Fear, and ends the show with Spider Baby. They also do two dates from the April themed Suspended Animation. The one slightly disappointing thing about the whole endeavor is a certain lack of Patton's trademarked stage banter that only really comes near the end, when he introduces the band in the voice of Bernie (God rest his soul) Mac's Lil' Pimp.



With Kaada and Patton: Live, the only offered special feature was a quick look backstage at the preparation needed for pulling off such an intricate live show. Really, you can see the same footage when you check out any Patton related project in person, as he always sets up his own equipment on stage an hour before the show gets underway. With Fantomas/Melvin Big Band: Live from London 2006, Ipecac has offered up a rather unique and exciting special feature that comes hidden as an Easter Egg. Don't worry, it's really not that hard to find. It's a feature length audio commentary with Mike Patton's new steak-sharing best friend, Limoncello enthusiast, and Fantomas Melvins Big Band manager (or so they joke) Danny DeVito. Also on hand for this must-hear conversation are The Melvins' Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover, booking agent Robby Fraser, and Ipecac co-owner Greg Werckman. Interesting topics of discussion range from the troubles of booking this particular show, to the band's obsessions with Lil' Pimp, to all things Patton related. Osbourne tells a funny story about having to fire Kurt Cobain as the producer of a Melvins' album. DeVito goes in-depth into his role as an actor and film producer, retelling quite a few tales about being in the business. You will learn about Mike Patton's extremely narrow throat, how he often seems to be choking in restaurants, and how, even with his olive complexion, he let him self burn to a crisp with fishing off the coast of Cuba. Crover tells a disturbing story about chocking on a hotdog and a mouthful of beer, and the history of both Ipecac and Fantomas are extrapolated upon in detail. Things get pretty weird when Buzz tells DeVito about bumping into Taxi's Jeff Conway, and they wrap things up with a very humorous story about playing the Orange County State Fair, and how no one has told Patton that he can't swear. If he does, it means no money. This little tale even exceeds the length of the live show, and the commentary, which you will want to listen to all of, continues to play back into the DVD menu page. Pretty amazing.




The Look

The film work on display is incredibly stunning. The colors are dark, and the blacks look great. The overall feeling is very cinematic, and it looks amazing on my HD screen.





The Sound

This is one of the, if not the, best sounding live project to come out of the Patton cannon. A great mix of audio awesomeness that you can enjoy on every level. If you are working, just pop it in and listen to it play in the background. The quality actually sounds better than the live CD that was released a couple of years ago.





The Packaging

The DVD cover features some amazing original artwork from director Douglas Pledger. Both the back and front contain beautiful images that would work great in a poster. Even the disc itself has a pretty cool peeping monster image not seen anywhere else. A real treat for fans, and attractive enough to cull in the uninitiated few that might stumble across this in the store.




I can't express this enough. This is by far the best live show ever released on DVD from the likes of Mike Patton and The Melvins. Forget about all those dusty VHS bootlegs in the closet. This is the real deal. Buy it quick, and maybe they'll make more just like it in the future.





Definitivno se mora nabaviti, ako neko pronadje linkove (rapidshare. megaupload) neka postuje, ovo je obavezno stivo za skidanje...

Edited by Ultimate Bastich

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Six Songs EP [1986]


1. Easy As It Was

2. Now A Limo

3. Grinding Process

4. At A Crawl

5. Disinvite

6. Snake Appeal





Gluey Porch Treatments [1986]


1. Eye Flys

2. Echo Head

3. Don't Piece Me

4. Heater Moves and Eyes

5. Steve Instant Newman

6. Influence of Atmosphere

7. Exact Paperbacks

8. Happy Grey or Black

9. Leeech

10. Glow God

11. Big as a Mountain

12. Heaviness of the Load

13. Flex With You

14. Bitten Into Sympathy

15. Gluey Porch Treatments

16. Clipping Roses

17. As Was is

18. Over From Under the Excrement

19. Easy As it Was

20. Now a Limo

21. Grinding Process

22. At a Crawl

23. Disinvite

24. Snake Appeal


Part 1
Part 2


Melvins [1986]


1. Easy As It Was

2. Now A Limo

3. Grinding Process

4. #2 Pencil

5. At A Crawl

6. Disinvite

7. Snake Appeal

8. Show Off Your Red Hands

9. Over From Underground

10. Crayfish




Oven 7'' [1987]


1. Oven

2. Revulsion/We Reach




Ozma [1989]


1. Vile

2. Oven

3. At a Crawl

4. Let God Be Your Gardener

5. Creepy Smell

6. Kool Legged

7. Green Honey

8. Agonizer

9. Raise a Paw

10. Love Thing

11. Ever Since My Accident

12. Revulsion / We Reach

13. Dead Dressed

14. Cranky Messiah

15. Claude

16. My Secret Percent Shows Most

17. Candy-O




Love Canal [1990]


1. Love Canal

2. Someday




With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands [1990]


1. With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands

2. Four Letter Woman

3. Anal Satan




Your Blessened [1990]


1. Your Blessened

2. Pronoun Piece Me




Eggnog EP [1991]


1. Wispy

2. Antioxidote

3. Hog Leg

4. Charmicarmicat




Your Choice Live Series 012 [1991]


1. Heather Moves And Eyes

2. At A Crawl

3. Anaconda

4. Eye Flys

5. Koolegged

6. Tanked

7. Let God Be Your Gardener

8. Revulsion




Bullhead [1991]


1. Boris

2. Anaconda

3. Ligature

4. It's Shoved

5. Zodiac

6. If I Had An Exorcism

7. Your Blessened

8. Cow




Melvins & Nirvana Split [1991]


1. Here She Comes Now (Nirvana)

2. Venus In Furs (Melvins)




Tanx 7" [1991]


1. Leech

2. Euthanasia

3. Theme




Night Goat [1992]


1. Night Goat

2. Adolescent Wet Dream




Lysol [1992]


1. Hung Bunny

2. Roman Bird Dog

3. Sacrifice (Flipper cover)

4. Second Coming

5. The Ballad of Dwight Fry

6. With Teeth




Melvana EP [1992]


1. Sacrifice

2. Way Of The World




Houdini [1993]


1. Hooch

2. Night Goat

3. Lizzy

4. Going Blind

5. Honey Bucket

6. Hag Me

7. Set Me Straight

8. Sky Pup

9. Joan Of Arc

10. Teet

11. Copache

12. Pearl Bomb

13. Spread Eagle Beagle




Lizzy EP [1994]


1. Lizzy

2. Rocket Reducer #69 (Rama Lama Fafafa)

3. Lexicon Devil

4. It's Shoved




Prick [1994]


1. How About

2. Rickets

3. Pick it n' flick it

4. Montreal

5. Chief Ten Beers

6. Underground

7. Chalk People

8. Punch The Lion

9. Pure Digital Silence

10. Larry

11. Roll Another One




Stoner Witch [1994]


1. Skweetis

2. Queen

3. Sweet Willy Rollbar

4. Revolve

5. Goose Freight Train

6. Roadbull

7. At the Stake
8. Magic Pig Detective
9. Shevil
10. June Bug
11. Lividity



Porn-Melvins & Guv'ner Split [1995]


1. I Like Porn (Melvins)

2. Coitus City (Guv'ner)




Live Tora Tora Tora Tour [1995]


1. Revolve

2. Skweetis With Teeth

3. White Zombie Ad

4. Night Goat

5. Specimen

6. Concert Warning

7. KISW Interview

8. Hooch

9. Queen

10. Johnny Reno

11. Gunfighter

12. Oven

13. Goose Freight

14. Train

15. Goggles

16. Sweet Willy Roll Bar

17. Radio Interview

18. Road Bull


*Part 1
*Part 2


Leech [1996]


1. Leech

2. Way of the World

3. Theme

4. Forgotten Principles

5. Ggiibbyy

6. With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands

7. Four Letter Woman

8. Anal Satan

9. Venus in Furs

10.Sweet Young Thing Aint Sweet No More


12.Your Blessened

13.Pronoun Piece Me


15.Love Canal

16.God of Thunder

17.Ever Since My Accident

18.Rocket Reducer #62

19.Lexicon Devel

20.Instant Larry

21.Adolescent Wet Dream




Stag [1996]


1. The Bit

2. Hide

3. Bar-X-the Rocking M

4. Yacob's Lab

5. The Bloat

6. Tipping the Lion

7. Black Bock

8. Goggles

9. Soup

10. Buck Owens

11. Sterilized

12. Lacrimosa

13. Skin Horse

14. Captain Pungent

15. Berthas

16. Cottonmouth




Barbaraal [1997]


1. Noise

2. June Bug





Nastavice se...

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Melvins Partial Discography part Deux


The Bit [1997]


1. The Bit

2. The Bit (Edit)

3. Interstellar Overdrive

4. Tipping The Lion B




Honky [1997]


1. They All Must Be Slaughtered

2. Mombius Hiabachi

3. Lovely Butterflies

4. Pitfalls in Serving Warrants

5. Air Breather Deep in the Arms of Morphius

6. Laughing With Lucifer At Satan's Sideshow

7. How --++--

8. Harry Lauders Walking Stick Tree

9. Grin

10. In the Freaktose the Bugs are Dying



Singles 1-12 [1998]


Disco 1

1. Lexicon Devil

2. Pigtro

3. In The Rain

4. Spread Eagle

5. Leech

6. Queen

7. Way Of The World

8. Theme

9. It's Shoved

10. Forgotten Principles

11. Ggiibbyy

12. Theresa Screams

Disco 2

1. Poison

2. Double Troubled

3. Specimen

4. All At Once

5. Jacksonville

6. Dallas

7. Bloat

8. Fast Forward

9. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings

10. Hdyf

11. How/Harry Lauders Walking Stick Tree

12. Brutal Truth/Zodiac

Disc 1
Disc 2


Alive At The Fucker Club [1998]


1. Boris

2. It's Shoved

3. Bar-X-The Rocking M

4. Antitoxidote

5. The Bloat

6. Lizzy

7. Mombius Hibachi




The Maggot [1999]


1. Amazon (part 1)

2. Amazon (part 2)

3. Amazon (part 3)

4. Amazon (part 4) 2

5. We All Love Judy (part 1)

6. We All Love Judy (part 2)

7. Manky (part 1)

8. Manky (part 2)

9. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (part 1)

10. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (part 2)

11. The Horn Bearer (part 1)

12. The Horn Bearer (part 2)

13. Judy (part 1)

14. Judy (part 2)

15. See How Pretty, See How Smart (part 1)

16. See How Pretty, See How Smart (part 2)




Bootlicker [1999]


1. Toy

2. Let It All Be

3. Black Santa

4. We We

5. Up The Dumper

6. Mary Lady Bobby Kins

7. Jew Boy Flower Head

8. Lone Rose Holding Now

9. Prig




Crybaby [2000]


1. Smells Like Teen Spirit w/Leif Garrett

2. Blockbuster w/David Yow

3. Ramblin' Man w/Hank Williams III, Henry Bogdan (Helmet)

4. GI Joe - w/Mike Patton

5. Mine Is No Disgrace w/Foetus

6. Spineless w/Skeleton Key

7. Divorced w/Tool

8. Dry Drunk w/David Yow (Jesus Lizard), Godzik Pink

9. Okie From Muskogee w/Hank Williams III, Henry Bogdan

10. The Man With The Laughing Hand Is Dead w/Bliss Blood

11. Moon Pie w/Kevin Sharp




Live At Slim's [2000]


1. Manky

2. See How Pretty, See How Smart

3. Amazon

4. Let It All Be

5. Let God Be Your Gardener

6. Hog Leg

7. With Teeth

8. The Bit

9. Bloat

10. Green Manalishi

11. Lovely Butterfly

12. Jew Boy Flowerboy

13. Eye Flys




Electroretard [2001]


1. Shit Storm

2. Youth of America

3. Gluey Porch Treatments

4. Revolve

5. Missing

6. Lovely Butterflies

7. Tipping The Lion

8. Interstellar Overdrive



Colossus of Destiny [2001]


1. Colossus of Destiny/Eye Flys

2. (3 seconds of nothing.)





Shit Sandwich [2001]


1. Shit Sandwich

2. And You Just Took a Bite




Millennium Monsterwork [2002]


1. Good Morning Slaves

2. Night Goat

3. The Omen

4. Cholo Charlie

5. White Men are the Vermin of the Earth

6. Terprurlative Guns & Drugs

7. Ol' Black Stooges

8. Ripping Chicken Meat

9. The Bit

10. Musthing with the Phunts

11. Me and the Flamer

12. She's A Puker

13. The Turkey Doctor

14. Hooch

15. Mombius Hibachi

16. Liquorton Gooksburg

17. Skin Horse

18. Cape Fear



Hostile Ambient Takeover [2002]


1. Black Stooges

2. (Untitled Track)

3. Dr. Geek

4. Little Judas Chongo

5. The Fool, The Meddling Idiot

6. Foaming

7. Brain Center At Whipples

8. Anti Vermin Seed



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26 Songs [2003]


1. Easy As It Was

2. Now A Limo

3. Grinding Process

4. #2 Pencil

5. At A Crawl

6. Disinvite

7. Snake Appeal

8. Show Off Your Red Hands

9. Over From The Underground

10. Cray Fish

11. Easy As It Was

12. Now A Limo

13. Grinding Process

14. At A Crawl

15. Disinvite

16. Snake Appeal

17. Set Me Straight

18. Show Off Your Red Hands

19. #2 Pencil

20. Grinding Process

21. Snake Appeal

22. At A Crawl

23. Operation Blessing

24. Breakfast On The Sly

25. Ever Since My Accident/"Hugh"




Neither Here Nor There [2004]


1. Bar-X the Rocking M

2. Night Goat


4. The Fool The Meddling Idiot

5. Revolve

6. Colossus Of Destiny

7. Manky

8. Oven ]

9. With Teeth

10. If You Get Bored

11. Let It All Be

12. Boris

13. Forgotten Principles

14. Prick

15. Mombius Hibachi

16. At A Crawl

17. Hooch

18. Eye Flys






Message Saved/Thank You! [2004]


1. Message Saved

2. Thank You!





Pigs of the Roman Empire [2004]


1. III

2. The Bloated Pope

3. Toadi Acceleratio

4. Pigs of the Roman Empire

5. Pink Bat

6. Zzzz Best

7. Safety Third

8. Idolatrous Apostate

9. Untitled & Hidden Track






Never Breathe What You Can't See [2004]


1. Plethysmograph

2. McGruff The Crime Dog

3. Yuppie Cadillac

4. Islamic Bomb

5. Enchanted Thoughtfist

6. Caped Crusader

7. The Lighter Side Of Global Terror

8. Dawn Of The Locusts





Mangled Demos From 1983 [2005]


1. Elks Lodge Christmas Broadcast

2. If You Get Bored (Live Radio)

3. Forgotten Principles

4. Snake Appeal

5. (Flower)

6. If You Get Bored

7. Set Me Straight

8. (Star)

9. I'm Dry

10. Forgotten Principles (Different Version)

11. I Don't Know

12. Matt, Alec

13. The Real You

14. Run Around

15. Keep Away From Me

16. (Clover)

17. Bibulus Confabulation (Rehearsal)

18. (Iron Across)

19. (Pencil)

20. Matt, Alec (Different Version)

21. Walter

22. (Scissors)

23. (Airplane)




Sieg Howdy [2005]


1. Halo of Flies

2. The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism

3. Lessons in What Not to Become

4. Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything)

5. Kali-Fornia Uber Alles 21st Century

6. Wholly Buy Bull

7. Voted Off The Island

8. Dawn of the Locusts

9. Enchanted Thoughtfist

10. Caped Crusader





Pigskin/Starve Already [2006]


1. Pigskin

2. Starve Already






Houdini Live 2005-A Live History of Gluttony and Lust [2006]


1. Pearl Bomb

2. Hooch

3. Night Goat

4. Lizzie

5. Going Blind

6. Cop-Ache

7. Set Me Straight/DHC

8. Sky Pup

9. Teet

10. Joan of Arc

11. Honey Bucket

12. Hag Me

13. Spread Eagle Beagle





(A) Senile Animal [2006]


1. The Talking Horse

2. Blood Witch

3. Civilized Worm

4. A History of Drunks

5. Rat Faced Granny

6. The Hawk

7. You've Never Been Right

8. A History of Bad Men

9. The Mechanical Bride

10. A Vast Filthy Prison




Chunklet-Melvins & Patton Oswalt Split [2006]


1. Boss Hoss (Melvins)

2. The Two Dumbest C*nts In The World (Patton Oswalt comedy)





Melvins & H.O.F. Split [2006]


1. Real Fucking Nasty (Melvins)

2. Satlin's Child (HOF)

3. Drunken Paddy (HOF)




Smash the State EP [2007]


1. Smash the State

2. Stalin's Solution

3. Communist Concubine

4. Useful Idiot





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The End [2008]


1. At A Crawl

2. Black Stooges

3. Night Goat

4. Revolve/Brain Center At Whipples

5. Let It All Be

6. Hooch

7. Mombius Hibatchi

8. The Bloat

9. The Bit





Nude With Boots [2008]


1. The Kicking Machine

2. Billy Fish

3. Dog Island

4. Dies Iraea

5. Suicide In Progress

6. The Smiling Cobra

7. Nude With Boots

8. Flush

9. The Stupid Creep

10. The Savage Hippy

11. It Tastes Better Than The Truth




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Fantomas Melvins Big Band - Live From London 2006

78 minutes | 720 x 480 | MP3 320kbps (stereo) | RAR = 998mb


1. Sacrifice

2. Page 27

3. Night Goat

4. Page 28

5. Page3

6. Electric Long Thin Wire

7. The Bit

8. Page 14

9. Pigs of the Roman Empire

10. The Omen

11. Hooch

12. Mombius Hibachi

13. Page 23

14. Skin Horse

15. Cape Fear

16. Let It All Be

17. Lowrider

18. 04/02/05 Saturday

19. Page 29

20. 04/08/05 Friday

21. Spider Baby




pass: avaxhome.ws

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