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Mindless Self Indulgence

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Mindless Self Indulgence - If 2008 Deluxe Edition Bonus DVD



01. Stupid MF (Live In Birmingham 2007)

02. Straight To Video (Live In Birmingham 2007)

03. Animal (Live At Webster Hall 2005)

04. Tornado (Live At Webster Hall 2005)

05. Animal (Music Video By M Dot Strange)


Format: DVD





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Nadjoh negde Never Wanted To Dance-rmx by Birthday Massacre, owo zwuci sjupr :wub:

takodje nadjoh i Insejn in d brejn cover od sajpresa :D


Never Wanted To Dance Remikse sam odavno stavio ovde, i peva im na jos dve pesme na albumu Chibi iz Birthday M.


Inace taj cover Cypress definitivno nije MSI, vec neki drugi bend u slicnom maniru, mozda onaj Retardo Bot ili kako se vec zove...




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Ewo kompletnog IF-a, sa swim onim rmixima NWTD i bouns traksima.


Mindless Self Indulgence - If (International Version) (2008)




01. Never Wanted To Dance

02. Evening Wear

03. Lights Out

04. Prescription

05. Issues

06. Get It Up

07. Revenge

08. Animal

09. Mastermind

10. On It

11. Pay For It

12. Due

13. Money

14. Bomb This Track

15. Mark David Chapman

16. Uncle (Bonus Track)

17. 3S (Bonus Track)

18. Never Wanted To Dance (The Birthday Massacre Mix) (Bonus Track)

19. Never Wanted To Dance (Electro Hurtz Mix) (Bonus Track)

20. Never Wanted To Dance (Tommie Sunshine Mix) (Bonus Track)

21. Never Wanted To Dance (Spider Mix) (Bonus Track)






Password: mp3db

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