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rumors, rumors.....




"PEARL JAM's eighth studio album will be released internationally

during the week beginning May 1st.


The yet-to-be titled album, their first through new label J Records,

is a heavier effort than their recent albums and is sure to please

fans. In late February they will release the first single "Worldwide

Suicide", a rocker that breaks the mould of previous Pearl Jam

singles, accompanied by a music video and exclusive CD-ROM

components for fanclub members. The band penned 25-30 new songs

over the recording period and finalised 12 album tracks in their new

Seattle studio last week.


A representative for the band has also stated that although no

specific tour dates have been finalized, Pearl Jam will begin their

most comprehensive world tour on the US East Coast in May,

followed by a West Coast/Canada leg. Fans in Europe will also get to

see the band for the first time since 2000 in October and November,

before the band concludes their stretch of shows in Australia and

New Zealand in December.



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heh PearlGirl te vesti su malo bajate icon_smile.gif (ništa potvrđeno):


>Saw this on another board this a.m. Again, this is all unconfirmed,

>folks! Go Seahawks! :-)


>PEARL JAM announce new album and tour details


>The long-awaited follow-up to Pearl Jam's 2002 album 'Riot Act' is

>soon ready to hit record store shelves via J Records. The aptly

>titled upcoming album 'New World' is set for a US/European release

>on 9 May.


>Songs to appear on the album:


>'Worldwide Suicide',


>'Crapshoot Rapture',


>'Of The Earth',

>'Severed Hand',

>'Big Job',


>'Sun Down',

>'Cold Concession',


>'Unenployable' and



>Pearl Jam will release a first single on March 13th called Worldwide

>Suicide with two unreleased b-sides: 'Walkin' Man' and 'Deepest



>To coincide with the album launch, Pearl Jam will also announced

>live dates for a 39-date US Tour that will see the band play gigs in

>different countries. The band is also set to play a major European

>tour this late summer/autumn, but dates have not been officially

>confirmed yet.

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pa stigle su sa pjvaulta isti dan kad i te u tvom navodu...koji je pokupljem sa rma...icon_wink.gif nista potvrdjeno, zato nisam ni stavljala album listing, to tek izgleda sumnjivo...icon_smile.gif

eto tek da se zna da ih vjerovatno ne treba ocekivati prije jeseni...sto se i dalo pretpostaviti, ali ipak,,,


a nisi pomenuo da ce se album zvati 'pangea'...icon_wink.gif 1 od milion fan verzija vjerovatno icon_smile.gif

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na synergy sam odavno prestala da idem, a na red mosquito-u sam takodje pearlgirl,... ali postovala sam mozda 5 puta u zivotu laugh.gif doduse bila sam se uclanila kad je rm tek bio u osnivanju i kad je trebalo ljudi...al onda nisam svracala 2-3 godine do prosle...a u medjuvremenu on naraste veci od synergyja, i sa manjom kolicinom glupih amera icon_smile.gif

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Ok evo jos malo svezih vesti povodom novog albuma:




Exclusive listening


This morning in the offices of Sony/BMG in Spain we've had exclusive access, as the only accredited media, to the hearing of six songs already mastered from what will be Pearl Jam's next album.


The album, of which the title is still unknown, will be in stores beginning May 2nd and is one of the more awaited releases for this year from the multinational, along with AC/DC, of which they don't have information yet, and Tool, which will be available the same May 2nd.

Of the songs we've heard is where we get the idea that Pearl Jam goes back to being that powerful band that bewitched in the 90's. It seems like it will be an LP that retroacts itself to the sound of their first works. The production of the guitar and drums goes back to being very raw, the songs very rocking, with a lot of guitar riffs and solos, and Eddie Vedder recovers his agressive tone. Thus, "Severed Hand," the first song that we were able to listen to, fulfills all these requisites. It's a tune with a lot of groove, with that feeling given out by songs like "Alive." It's a constant guitar flow mixed with a great chorus where Vedder goes back to shining like the old days. From the ones we've heard, there's a lot more songs along those lines. For example, without going any further, the selection of the single is surprising for not being a usable single at all. It's called "World Wide Suicide" and, although still it is not completely confirmed, it could indeed be the definite single. In this tune Vedder goes out singing with all his strength, and with a lot of guts that “World Wide Suicide” thing. It’s a tune that gives out sweat, just like “Comatose” does, a very fast song mixed with a touch of insanity and recklessness that has already characterized some of Pearl Jam’s compositions at the beginning of their career. The solos and the way Eddie tears apart his voice will leave you astonished.

The other two compositions could compare more closely with their latter works, especially “Unemployable,” more calm with respect to rhythm, with Eddie playing around with background vocals and double voices. “Parachutes” reminds melodically to the Beatles, accompanying the guitars with acoustics and a very marked bass line.


In any case, we don’t know if they have leaked these six songs to us in a premeditated way, but, if it has been casual, this new Pearl Jam album could bring us back the fresh Pearl Jam that we all enjoyed in the nineties. So be it.





“Severed Hand”

“World Wide Suicide”

“Life Wasted”




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E, da... bravo... podseti me... I ja sam nesto skapirao da je tesko da ce doci, posto su ih bas onako najavljivali kao sigurne pocetkom leta, a sad su u fazonu MOZDA u septembru... slaba vajda... a bas sam se primio da cu da cujem State u originalu... biggrin.gif

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Objavljen zvanicno tracklist za novi album:

01 Life Wasted

02 World Wide Suicide

03 Comatose (formerly Crapshoot)

04 Severed Hand

05 Marker In The Sand

06 Parachutes

07 Unemployable

08 Big Wave

09 Gone

10 Wasted Reprise

11 Army Reserve

12 Come Back

13 Inside Job


Seattle's 107.7 The End has just broadcast all of Worldwide Suicide.

Link -World Wide Suicide

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