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hvala, plusic. :*

Manje-vise da Skini prethodni, A Natural Death: http://hotfile.com/dl/3937133/f0a75b8/Horse_The_Band_-_A_Natural_Death_1.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/3937135/656e7c9/Horse_The_Band_-_A_Natural_

plusic za plusic ;*

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full diskografija djea!


- Scabies, The Kangarooster, and You [1999]

- Secret Rythm Of The Universe [2001]

- I Am A Small Wooden Statue On A Patch Of Crabgrass Next To A Dried Up Riverbed (EP) [2001]

- Beautiful Songs By Men [EP] [2002]

- R. Borlax [2003]

- The Mechanical Hand [2005]

- The Midi Demos [2005]

- Pizza EP [2006]

- A Natural Death [2007]



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Hah pa i ovo je hardcore zapravo (ne metal), sa 8-bit melodijicama.

Izuzetno zanimljiv bend.

Nintendocore :)


metalcore? anyone?


ovo mi je jedini metalcore bend koji mogu 100% da svarim, ne samo da je fazon vrhunski nego su i pjesme strava

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ej ljudi, ima li neko DivX ili XviD verziju spota??? <img src="http://www.yumetal.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/icon_mrgreen.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":mrgreen:" border="0" alt="icon_mrgreen.gif" />

http://www.mediafire.com/?h4my2imidnm ;)

nije ni divx ni xvid već mp4, hd rip sa youtube-a, ripovao još pre par meseci ali tek večeras se setio da uploadujem...

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HORSE the Band - Desperate Living (2009)




Info: Mp3, 320, Joint Stereo


01. Cloudwalker - 4:50

02. Desperate Living - 4:07

03. The Failure of All Things - 4:51

04. HORSE the song - 4:24 (featuring K-SLAX)

05. Science Police - 3:50

06. Shapeshift - 5:11 (featuring Jamie Stewart)

07. Between the Trees - 3:55

08. Golden Mummy Golden Bird - 4:46

09. Lord Gold Wand of Unyielding - 2:32 (featuring Lord Gold and His Purple Majesty)

10. Big Business - 4:56 (featuring Ed Edge)

11. Rape Escape - 7:12 (featuring Valentina Lisitsa)

12. Arrive - 4:10



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