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Bloodclot! - Burn babylon burn - 2007

01 asleep at the wheel

02 big brother takeover

03 burn babylon burn

04 parallel lives

05 revolution.

06 seeds of destruction

07 stirring in the hearts and minds

08 straight jacket

09 subtext

10 turning point




slusam ga i ono solidno za takvu ekipu iz tako poznatih bendova.


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Upravo slusam HOMETHRUST-CRASHIN` INTO BETTER DAYS strava album.Fina mesavina streetpunka i hardcorea.Cinimi se da je pevac iz 400$ SUIT-a ili ti RIGHT DIRECTION-a.

Pa ako neko ima njihov prvi album FIRST TIME AROUND neka ostavi link,ako nije problem. :pivopije:

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this is boston not la compilation lp



01.Jerry`s Kids-Straight jacket

02.Jerry`s Kids-Uncontrollable

03.Jerry`s Kids-Wired

04.Jerry`s Kids-Desperate

05.Jerry`s Kids-Pressure

06.Jerry`s Kids-I don`t wanna

07.The Proletariat-Options

08.The Proletariat-Religion is the opium of the masses

09.The Proletariat-Allegiance


11.The FU`s-Preskool dropout

12.The FU`s-Radio Unix USA

13.The FU`s-Green beret

14.The FU`s-Time is money

15.Gang Green-Snob

16.Gang Green-Lie lie

17.Gang Green-I don`t care

18.Gang Green-Rabies

19.Gang Green-Narrow mind

20.Gang Green-Kill a commie

21.Gang Green-Have fun


23.The Freeze-Broken bones

24.The Freeze-Idiots at happy hour

25.The Freeze-Now or never

26.The Freeze-Sacrifice not suicide

27.The Freeze-It`s only alcohol

28.The Freeze-Trouble if you hide

29.The Freeze-Time bomb

30.The Freeze-This is Boston,not L.A.

31.Jerry`s Kids-Machine gun

32.Gang Green-Selfish

33.The Freeze-Refrigerator heaven



Malo hc istorije ;)

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Kao sto je Nemanja rekao, nesto oni iz eampeda drkaju pa su sjebali sve forume na neko vreme...bice uskoro, nemas sta da se sekiras!

Novi album NRSV-a je do jaja! Stvarno sam se prijatno iznenadio kada sam ga cuo...imas spot na you tube-u za pesmu "Still Drinking"...

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