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imam osecaj da i pored kompletiranja oni ipak ne mogu da se 'sastave'.

kao da su Hansen i Larsen ostavili veliku prazninu za sobom,a posebno ovaj drugi sa svojim talentom.

ali ok,necu da komentarisem,bar dok se ne pojavi najavljivani album,ukoliko se uopste i pojavi.


a ti Angel takodje neces prerano da im sudis,je li tako? icon_biggrin.gif

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evo par informacija za fanove benda...




Tuesday, January 4, 2005 16:32




Hello everyone..


I know your impatient...

But we feel its a little odd to post any news, when there´s no news to post..


Hey, but no news is good news...(no sorry)... icon_smile.gif


So the situation is right now:

We still dont have a recorddeal, that meens you still dont have the 4´th album!! aight.. arggh.... we´re dying to release it.!! believe us..


Thats the news right now...


Thank you for your true loyalty

we appreciate that!







Tuesday, January 4, 2005 17:48




Hello Friends


Apart from what Lenny wrote, I will add that we're entering a studio in february to make some pre-recordings of the fresh new doomy-tunes... We're going to check out if all our work this far sounds as good as we think... hehehe...


Keep up the spirit... And we'll be back when we got more bla bla to add... hehehe


All the best



Peter Erecius, Saturnus

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elem,nevezano za svu ovu patetiku iznad, Saturnus je odlican bend.

jedan od omiljenih,posebno zbog cinjenice da je obelezio jedan bitan period mog zivota.

iskreno me zanima zvuk i atmosfera novog albuma,pre svega zbog promene clanova,mada sudeci po ovom mp3-u ne verujem da ce pored sastava biti neke drasticne promene i u njihovoj muzici,sto je, bar po meni, naravno dobro.

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