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Konačno mi je zadovoljstvo predstaviti moj solo materijal i ovde na yumetal forumu. U pitanju je one-man projekat sa ciljem da se ostvari i uživo sa full ekipom. Pročitajte kratku biografiju i poslušajte jednu pesmu sa mog prvenca, svaki komentar, pohvala i kritika je dobrodošla!




The idea to create some extreme metal combined with symphonic elements dates back to 2006, but officially Khargash was born in 2011 as a one-man project. I used to compose numerous songs in those years, but never realized them through any past/present bands. Back then, my music was influenced by older materials of great black metal icons like Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and Dissection. Still I wanted to put in some other elements as well, looking for some originality, and therefore some doom, ambiental and even industrial elements found their places.

By the end of 2011 the recording of the first LP finally started. I contacted Scott Briggs from the band Aeons Of Eclipse (USA) to record the drums. All the other instruments and even the vocals were recorded in my hometown at various studios. The mixing/mastering process was done at Hellsound studio (Czech Republic) by Honza Kapak.

Pathway Through Illumination is released by Miner Recordings (Switzerland) alongside with some great bands from Serbia.

Khargash is and will remain as my solo project, and live performances are planned with session musicians. Soon I will start recording an EP which will be labeled by Miner Recordings and will be released next year.



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@Night's Blood - Naravno da hoces, sredinom oktobra se objavljuje materijal. :)

@Jaroslav - Upravo to! :D

@Sisus - Veliko hvala za najboljeg ginekologa! :)

@Morphy - Hvala sto si postavio posto sam i ja stavio link ali nije se prikazalo kada su objavili temu...

@Sale B.C. - Naravno Sale, uvek napred! \m/



Prva zvanična recenzija za Khargash u Metal Sound-u:


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