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Metallic Hardcore/Sludge/Crust (Entombedcore)

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Cult Leader "Lightless Walk" Album in stores October 16th, Tour Dates announced.

CD/CS/Digital in stores October 16th (vinyl later).

Pre-ordering information will be posted shortly.


Cult Leader are a chaotically aggressive band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Lightless Walk" was recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge, High On Fire, etc). From the first menacing thumps of "Great I Am", Cult Leader unleash grinding musical fury. "The Sorrower" gallops before crashing into a wall of heaviness as they vocally declare "...nothing will get better". The pessimistic spiral continues in "Sympathetic" and "Suffer Louder", two tangles of cacophony that give birth to crushers of ending riffs. "Broken Blades" then emerges as a near constant barrage, showcasing the technical prowess thriving underneath Cult Leader’s layers of grime. While "A Good Life" ushers in new dynamics, clawing through melodious dirt before taking flight again. "Walking Wastelands", "Gutter Gods", and "Hate Offering" are all metallic monsters in their own right, lurching towards the epically haunting pairing of "How Deep It Runs" and "Lightless Walk". Two songs that show Cult Leader at their most depressive and powerful as they recede into introspective darkness.


Track Listing:

01. Great I Am

02. The Sorrower

03. Sympathetic

04. Suffer Louder

05. Broken Blades

06. A Good Life

07. Walking Wastelands

08. Gutter Gods

09. Hate Offering

10. How Deep It Runs

11. Lightless Walk



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Je l' ste znali da je Xibalba - Mala Mujer zapravo obrada Thin Lizzy-jeve Still in love with you? Ja tek malopre izvalio tekst. Još su je nazvali "loša žena" :haha:.

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tek sam sad povezao da je Todd Jones iz Nails-a zapravo svirao u Terroru na onim najstarijim snimcima. ne bih ga prepoznao za 100 godina, tamo je bio klinac i mršav k'o grančica, sad je jedno 4 puta veći :haha:


dakle, ovaj u beloj majici:






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