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2016.07.08-10. *Novi Sad* Optimalinija / KAOS Panonia fest

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Pretprodaja karata za ljude iz Srbije:


ERSTE bank, 340-3502029245 (u pitanju je tekuci racun)


Za one van Srbije


bloody_psychotic_disease AT yahoo DOT com (PayPal)


A mogu se uzeti karte i u pabu Recycle Bin, u pasazu Dunavske broj 2, Novi Sad.





Izvinjavam se na poduzem postu. S obzirom da ce nam biti najvise stranaca, odradjena je ova prezentacija na engleskom. Iz Srbije racunamo na 20 ljudi, ako izuzmemo clanove bendova. :D I nisu svi bendovi striktno noisecore, imamo i par interesantnih bendova iz Makedonije, kako bi razbili monotoniju buke i urlika.


About the festival:


Optimalinija Kaos Panonia Festival will be held on 8,9, and 10. July 2016, in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Optimalinija originally started in Moscow, Russia, but Denis, main-brain, made the bold move of taking the festival to other parts of the world.

Small gang of enthusiast, including brothers from Russia and small crew from Serbian side, decided to trudge forward this year, moving the "Russian" version of the fest to Serbia. and to FINALLY make something that will represent the pulse of an real underground (focused on grindcore / noisecore / hardcore). We also want to support a form of music and ideas that are totally underrated and rejected by so many so called “underground”, narrow-minded stuck up assholes. It’s time to give all the bands, projects and labels that nobody or very small amount of people respects a chance to prove that they can offer more than just typical trendy crap and generic shit that’s already been done time after time again. No fucking politics, no same old and outdated slogans, no generic bullshit at all, no fucking posers! Our mission statement is simple: to present our different elements in our own little way, to make worldwide friendly gathering with DIY ethics, on exotic location with even more exotic bands, distributions and… noise above all!

Welcome to Optimalinija Kaos Pannonia festival (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016.)!!!


About the festival area:


Exact location is area called Alibegovac, it's across the river Danube, via bridge. Approximately 10 minutes by car from Novi Sad. Isolated place, surrounded by weekend cottages (houses) and ranches. Also, river Danube is near so you can spend your time during the hot day on wild beach, ‘till the official program starts. In Novi Sad we have cultural and historical attractions, worth visiting it. Near Alibegovac area and Novi Sad is mountain Fruska Gora. Due to its natural, cultural and historical significance, Fruska Gora had been proclaimed a national park in 1960.

Bands that will perform (In Alphabetic order):



Grindcore veterans from Belgrade, Serbia. Band started back in 1991. and tried to emulate the sound of the late ‘80s Napalm Death (“Scum” / “FETO” era). Over the years the band has blasted their way through several demo tapes, splits and a full length cd. They recorded brand new album, with 20 tracks, which will soon see the light of day. So, let’s hope they will promote new album on festival!



Those Serbian veterans are kicking ass for 20 years, in pretty rough hardcore crusty way. With lyrics dealing with always actual topics - war and system oppression.



This band started from the ashes of Vulgar Nausea, well-known nihilist noisecore outfit. Alcohol Velocidad will prepare special set for festival audience, including 2 guys on stage, with real drums and tons of pedals to provide wall of noise. Total minimalistic approach and raw, blasting to the bone.



The only current noisecore band from Serbia. Bringing the traditional blasting chaos, held hidden in the depths of late ‘80s and early ‘90s era,. Brigada do Odio, Patareni, Sekunda, Psycho Sin are coming to the mind after hearing their analog neanderthalic barbarity. This will be an exclusive show after few years on hiatus.



Ear-ripping chaotic hardcore, with singer screaming the last shit out of his mind. Heavily influenced by Finish '80s hardcore, when hardcore was being invented and it was definitely the best era.


CHAPPA'AI (Hungary)

This crew is coming from Hungary, delivering pure noise sections and utterly manic distorted blurcore vocals and bass, covered with furious blast beats. The closest twin to Chappa’ai sonically would be World or CSMD. Total THC noise psychodelirium.


CUNTS (Japan)

The line up of this crazy band is consist of two members, producing total noise with drums, effects and vocals, no guitars at all! This is harsh, harsh noise with fierce drumming exhibitions.



Definitely a cult Bosnian hardcore band, formed in mid ‘80s. Now stationed in Republika Srpska. Really raw and extreme hardcore, with short tracks, almost bordering with noisecore. Expect a fucking ripping set of songs!


DJORNATA (Slovenia)

Their demo record alluded towards both fast and heavy songs, with vocals that sound like early death metal! Crazy combination – standard d-beat and crust formula meets heavy moments and very extreme, deep vocals. Prepare for their portion of chaos!



It’s quit impressive to think that noisecore now is being made by same guys as in early 90's! Guys from Genital Masticator, Jangle, Potabilizadora are here with brand new band. They already released tons of material, mostly split and demo tapes, with sound that varies enough, but not too much. Energy stays on high levels. Fast, brutal, fierce and still very much back-to-basics noisecore tradition! And guys are coming all the way from Canary Island!


FEAR OF DOG (Serbia)

Fear of Dog started in late '80s, as a product of local underground kids who were later involved in many other hardcore noise activties (writing fanzines) and playing in bands (Patareni, Buka, Atheist Rap...). They were also the main and real holders of underground spirit back then. Pay respect to our local veterans!


GOLI DECA (Macedonia)

3 piece band, their music is slow, but not in doom metallish way - it’s devoid of the traditional rock / metal attributes- along the lines of what SWANS were doing on the first few records. One of the members runs FUCK YOGA records (label and distribution).


GRABLE (Slovenia)


INTOX (Serbia)

A totally desperate, dark atmosphere all over, with gloomy punkish harcore feeling ala Amebix meets Ex-Yugoslavian classics from 80s - III Kategorija, U.B.R, Proces. Show support to those youngsters.



Grindcore band hailing from capital of Greece. Formed in 2010. to play oldschool grindcore with a crusty edge in the vain of Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt and also Phobia, Terrorizer... Members play in a bunch of other Greek bands as well.


KAIN XVIII (Belarus)


KALO (Serbia)

Primitive, raw and angry punk from Novi Sad, Serbia. in vein of Ex-Yugoslavian hardcore / punk '80s. Smells of depression, cheap alcohol and GG Allin.


MALAD (Ukraine)

Bass and drums duo playing chaotic noisecore since 2010. Be ready for their raging set! Those young fellas will also tour over Europe during summer 2016, so help them out to arrange gigs.



Noisecore duo from capital of Japan - Tokyo. Terrorizing ears for 10 years now, they are coming to Europe for a first time to show us that this style is not dead.



Teeth-gnashing noisecore misery and death. Founded in 2005, those maniacs also toured all over their motherland, and released a handful of demos and splits in all formats. They will destroy everything!



3 apes from Thessaloniki, Greece. with the same sound that Realized, Gore Beyoned Necropsy or early Xysma have perfected. Though with a much rawer recording. Just straight punishing grindcore that will rip your body into pulsating viscera.



This Slovakian trio go off in their recycled, yet trademark way. Full blasts all over and some noisy loop transitions are enough for paying homage to 7 Minutes of Nausea.


S.O.T.E. (Hungary)

Those Hungarians really work with the of the early greats of the (grindcore) genre: Napalm Death, ROT, Warsore... It's a tried and true formula of just 101% no bullshit grindcore!



One-man assualt, with unpredictable performances! This guy is making chaotic noise using only guitar and / or electronic equipment. Although not exactly true noisecore, most noisecore fans would take a second listen to this band and not instantly write him off.



Para-militant psychotic assembly from Macedonia. Expect nightmarish and surreal noisy sounds from those 3 guys (they also play in GOLI DECA).


UNPEACE (Finland)

Relatively new duo from Finland, with barbarian attitude, presenting chaotic blasts, un-music and bursts of noisecore. They have few releases, including contribution to Saastaa Suomesta (with classic Finnish noisecore bands + young, fresh blood).


Confirmed distribution’s on festival:



HC RECIDIVE distro (Serbia)

OBSCUREX label / distro (Finland)

SAORS label / distro (Greece)

PANDEMONIUM distro (Slovenia)

NOISAR distro (Bosnia)

DIY OR DIE distro (Croatia)


Stage and backline is fully powered by SUBURBIA sound from Serbia!

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samo iskopiraj link i prebaci ovde, ako hoćeš da bude u prozoru samo obriši "s" iz "https", dva prozora po postu mogu :D


Hvala, evo sad cu probati! :D



Nažalost više bedževa nego ljudi... :no:


Ma nema ni veze, mi smo zadovoljni. Ko je hteo da dodje, dosao je, nikoga nismo vukli za rukav. A i sve je finansijski regulisano i pokriveno, dogodine nastavljamo dalje. :smile: Inace, 75% gostiju i bendova su bili iz inostranstva.

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