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Kayo Dot (ex-maudlin of the Well)


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Hmm sjećam se da je tema bila, ali ju je vjerovatno zakačilo čišćenje smile.gif

Anyway mislim da je stvarno vrijedno da postoji tema za ovaj velicanstveni bend, nekada poznat pod imenom Maudlin of the Well, a sada kao Kayo Dot. U svojoj muzici spajaju elemente doom metala, progressive metal/rock-a, jazza, akustična svirka je na nivou, experimenti se vrše na svim stranama i zvuče zaista svježe na današnjoj sceni biggrin.gifa: biggrin.gifa:


Imaju tri albuma iza sebe - "My Fruit Psychobells...a Seed Combustible", "Bath" i "Leaving Your Body Map"... za kraj ljeta pripremaju novi album, kakav će da bude... vidićemo... čini mi se da će doći do neke malo jače promjene u zvuku


A novi web site je http://www.kayodot.net/ gdje ima dosta pjesama za download...


nerd music, ha azalčino smile.gif

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Pa brate,sta da ocekujesh od samplova od 1 min i krace i samo ima dva,ne vredi ti nishta...recimo da nagoveshtava da ce biti dobro(a kako da ne bude)...njihove stvari su inace uglavnom malo duze i slozene kako tematski tako i muzicki a na kraju skapirash da jebe keve...


Tako da sacekacemo da izadje album pa ce se svrsavati bez repeat opcije u Winampu! biggrin.gifa:

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imam jednog e-ortaka koji poznaje bend...i cuo novi album...



rekao mi je da je nesto najbolje sto je cuo u zivotu...





"it's like jeff buckely + sigur ros + isis + motW"



8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O



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user posted image


prva recenzija




Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye


Tzadik Records


For all the posturing that the indie scene does, it’s still a very close-minded group of music listeners. Go ahead, roll your eyes if you want, but look around you, you know it’s true. Half of the bands that “make it” in the scene are due to the press. It’s sad, but it is true. Most seem willing to stay inside their little spectrum of musical knowledge. Content to hear the same four or five genres played by hundreds of different bands. It’s only once in a great while, usually due to an amazing album, that the small circle that is indie music will open up its collective eyes to something totally new.


Enter Kayo Dot.


Once known as maudlin of the Well, Kayo Dot has shed its original, metal scene aligned name, to bring you something you’ve probably never heard before… and if for not another album, will probably never hear again. A simple but perplexing math equation has helped me describe Choirs of the Eye to a few friends… it’s as follows.


Jeff Buckley + Sigur Ros + Isis + the Boston Philharmonic = Kayo Dot


Interested? You should be, because this is easily the most original album I’ve heard in over a year, maybe two. Toby Driver sings with all the passion of the late Buckley, maybe not with the same strength in his voice, but come on, that is a tall order to fill. But, not only is he responsible for the delicate passages, like the amazing end to “A Pitcher of Summer”, but for the guttural bellows similar to fellow Bostonites Isis. Now, before you metal heads (God I hope there are a few of you out there) start thinking Opeth, you are already off the mark.


Where Opeth still dwells heavily in the realm of metal, Kayo Dot has put all memory of that scene behind them. Instead of trying to make metal more orchestrated, they are making the dreamlike swells of Sigur Ros heavier. They are taking not only their guitars, keyboards, bass and drums to new musical spaces, but they are taking their french horns, violins, cellos, flutes, and clarinets (to name a few) along for the ride. Trust me, you’ve never heard anything more painstakingly thought out before.


Consider that this five-song album took two years to finish. Granted it has a little something to do with available funds and studio time… but part of me thinks this wouldn’t have worked out how it did if it was all recorded within a month. Consider that one of the songs has some 96-recorded tracks on it (an engineers worst nightmare… imagine the mixing process!).


It should be obvious at this point that Kayo Dot is not working in the spectrum of the pop song. For only being made up of five songs, the album clocks in at just under an hour. And everything within that hour is a listening experience not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for the close-minded. It’s a record designed to open minds, not one to fit into a perfect little title of a genre.


And on a personal note, this might be the best headphones album I own… surpassing Hum. The subtleties that hide throughout the album are too numerous to recount, but it makes multiple listens a must AND a pleasure. And, another note, if you are not sold on the genius that is held in this album after hearing the crescendo around 4:30 of the fourth track, “Wayfarer”, this might just be lost on you.


I hope there are a handful of you out there that has the nerve to give this one a listen. I hope that I have convinced you to at least give it a shot. And if not, I at least hope there is some kid out there that stumbled into this web site by typing “Opeth” into google, that will listen to this and thoroughly gets his mind blown.

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pa zar i prethodni nisu bili ruzni omoti? Ono sa kadom je lepa fora, ali je estetska povracka. Inace, muzika je fantasticna, ludaci odgajeni na extra ludim bljuvarama pecurkama u Ludogradu, godine velikog Ludog Zmaja.

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omoti nisu ruzni....

nisu metal omoti...nema zmajeva i nabildovanih muskaraca pa niste navikli smile.gif


evo su i textovi....samo jos muzika da stigne biggrin.gifa:




And so ten centuries solemnly collide

Love failed and I have

Lost my Name

Secrecy hoards the treasure

Coveted most by me

As rainwater collects in barrels

Sleep covers Abuse with Time

Too many dream-haunted hours

Leaves me with seasons swelling and growing

And without welcome, fading

Something makes sense in ripples

Grief is the corpse from which worms feed

Alas, I am not this stricken man

Suspended by sunlight, shadows break

Their silent vigil

As rainwater collects in barrels

Lucifer rose up to kiss the analgesic dawn

While below, Something roll'd the stone away

Something makes sense in ripples

Gradually, I saw Abuse is a Name

And ghosts will seem forever

Less fantastic


Azure-Lidded World


Like a kiss, soft, and wild with the delicate steps of petals fallen in a stream

This swirling ballerina turns in faint and sighing grandeur

Across the floor to me.

A monarch plays the violin to a summer's afternoon

Whilst quietly the earthworm adores the soil in winter's sparkling gloom

It breaks away, growing as the flowers do.

A thunderhead embraces his enraptured lover

And kisses with a gale that also makes the cattails shudder.

His tears cannot, as he proclaims his love, be held with lightning back;

They fondly dance into an open window

And fondly dance with mine.

Our eyelashes weaken with a weight that is sweet and fine,

And this feels like frogs and spiders in the sweet outside.

Tell me why world, unfathomable and good,

The beauty of everything is infinite and cruel.

An airplane, a puppet, an orange, a spoon,

A window, and outside

Stars and the moon.



A Pitcher of Summer


One morning, before the leaves began changing

I caught a piece of summer and poured it into a pitcher;


This I placed in the cellar on a shelf collecting dust .

Autumn, then winter, rose up from the sea, and my

Garden was a garden filled with unbroken snow.


No flower strained its face to the ice giants' whisper,

No life coloured the vision of a newborn Spring babe.

My cellar-water dripping into a pail


And I lifted my piece of summer

Like a piece of memory or a dream


Like these, caught on film

And carried it to the garden floes,

The wind turning drifting stars to madness.


Poured forth gracefully, this ætheric tincture

Lifts winter's coat-of-arms with coaxing aromas and electricity.

Used with vigilance, a Pitcher of Summer stirs a memory into swooning,

And bravely, the flowers of the past will stretch their limbs into the sky

While snow falls quietly all around.



The Manifold Curiosity


It never hurt this much before,

And I feel I'm courting Saturn.

The Twelve-Eyed Secret gazes through a prism,

Staring into raindrops swirling slow

It lifts its horrible heads

With lidless orbs of limitless vision.

I dream with fluid movements in a lake

The ripples cast from skipping stones

We speak below a gushing mind,

Crouching in a corner, hid behind a box

Full of Worms and stalking shadows.

Magnetism draws me to a cone of space;

I sift still through hours of its plasma,

Biding time until the clocks collapse.

Music shattered my spine on the steps outside;

I cannot move; my liquid breathing

Is sculpted with this binding gel.

But come, my love, and rescue me

From failure.

Cover me with an opium sheet,

Embrace me with gossamer;

Kiss the moonstones from my eyes

And brush the cobwebs from my bones.

It all sings beautifully;

With all your strength believe this.

But I know you can't understand

Why I threw myself from the glass again.





Sing to me a romance, sire

That splendid trod the starry roads.

All ye dust-strewn travellers, hasten

To the hearthside!

What seest thou, wayfarer,

Upon thy journey to a citrine sun?


Caves of candlelight with amethyst imbued,

Opal skulls of opal creatures decorating tombs!

Woods of columned water supporting ceilings breathing blue,

Seascapes fill‚d with poison, lonely, waiting for the few

Final scarlet denizens to march into the scorching fumes!


Stalks of lapis lazuli groaning against a tired breeze,

Sparkling in the quaint moonlight, and owls‚ eyes in sapphire trees,

Hooting to one year of moons that hang on petals in the air!

Growing ghosts in silver pots upon a silent windowsill,

Built into the side of nothing built into a nothing hill!


A cage that housed a nightingale was hung upon a shepherd's crook;

He lightly stepp'd across the tide, his statuary effervescing.

Boughs dipped their lovely heads into the lake of one-thousand tiers

To admire an Absinthe floodgate, and a piquant gallery.


Morning, and the dreamers fade

Like lovers‚ gazes past their hour.

Cannot sunrise wait forever

For its time?


Farewell, starry wayfarer,

I'll bless thy name when dreameth I of thine.



The Antique


Dust fills my Mouth with a Timeless Poltergeist Rapping

Lightly upon a Dusty Door;

It Locks the Days together


This Artefact wasn‚t rightly so.

Flanked by Shelves incorporating me into their Lonely Dream,

I search for Tremors lying Weeping

'Neath the Broken Tiled Floor

Weeping with a Broken Madness,

Weeping for the Day Before.

Tarnished Silver in the Cupboard soothes

The Fathoms of my Aching Silver Beard;

Like Shining Eyes scoured by

A Sour Creaking Gait,

Cataracts dim the

Eloquence that wore

The Shining Cloak of younger Pride,

And This was Long,

Long before their Careless Keeper died.


A Revenant spread its Foul Curse to Every Living Thing

With Stories trapp‚d on Yellowed Pages

By Talismans of Poignant Lethargy.

Tales Twilit bear their Ruin‚d Words

To this Ghoulish Scenery,

Slouching over Candlelight

Extinguished in another Century.


The Grandfather Clock once Told its Beads,

While Outside the Branches

Bowed their Windows slightly Out of Key.

And this Downstairs, where a

Forlorn Clock has long since Lost its Faith,

And a House's Stale Breath sighs like the

Whispers of a Wraith.


Spiders Decorate an Appearance

That stretches Gnarled Hands

Back into a Relinquished Parlour Game;

Wisps of Ghostly Languor hinting faintly of Perique

Ring the Ancyent Air and Fade,

Murmuring of Things Antique.

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Ja volim nabildovane muskarce i obdarene zmajeve :mrgreen: , tako da su im omoti ko grob ruzni smile.gif

Nisam citao ovaj review sto je Laza postovao niti procitao textove. Daj 'zo nemoj ljudima prepricavati kad jos nisu gledali, kao ni ti... Lepse je kad te opali smile.gif TRAS!!! nego ovako. A bice TRAS! verujte.

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Prihvatio sam CoTE i slusam ga od jutros mnogo puta dok pechem visnjevachu.

Utiske ne zelim da sabiram, ni da ista pricam. Jer, znam, prevaricu se. Mnogo tezak album. Najtezi dosad. Ima poneki catchy delic ali, naravno, u svrhu kvaliteta.

Jednostavno ne vidim ni jedan jediini dosadan trenutak. Mislio sam da ce da me snazno smore najavljivani mellow klasicni delovi... Ali ne! Oni su ustvari i najbolji deo albuma. Uopste nije heavy (znam da se nece svideti onom liku sto voli stvari heavy biggrin.gif ).

Visnjevaca + Kayo ... Najlepsi dan moga zivota, verujte mi. Evo mi i suze krenule.


Na ovoj strani ima 6 textova, na albumu pet pesama!?!? Koji je to fazon? Jedna pesma sto je lazo napisao nije ukljucena na album ili tako neki rad?

Ova "Azure-Lidded World"


Joj, necu da smaram vise... Ionako je dosta spama na ovom forumu.

Hope you won't consider thias as spam.




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ne pamtim kada sam se u poslednjih 2-3 godine odusevio nekim novim bendom kao sa Maudlincima. To nema veze sa metalom, to su jazzeri koji slusaju metal smile.gif Sto rece jedan moj dobar prijatelj, "Pomesali su ono najludje- Snove, Drogu i Satanizam". Cekamo Kayo Dot!


ps thanx to azal jos jednom


pps omoti su im ono sto se zove 'art' a mnogi to izgleda ne razumeju...

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Evo jedne fine recenzije


Brilliant, nuff said. - 100%

Written by megafury on October 22nd, 2003



I've been a huge fan of Maudlin of the Well for awhile now and have been anticipating on this release ever since I heard Maudlin of The Well would become Kayo Dot. When I first listened to this album, it was a lot to swallow on my first listen.


The music is unpredictable and that's exactly why I think it's brilliant. With only five tracks, the band accomplishes more musically than any other band with ten or twentey songs in a CD.


I'm sure a lot of metal people or anybody else that's impatient would say the music is kinda slow moving. This slow motion creates a rich lucious doomy atmosphere that settles in your head then later hits you with something you didn't expect, similar to the band Isis but more diverse, using different genres.


The first track, "Marathon", gets heavy after two minutes, then goes back to its slow moving music that eases your nerves, then all of a sudden, BAM!, it hits you with more heavyier music again and beautiful singing.


Second, there's, "A Pitcher of Summer", the shortest song at five minutes, a calm song with no real sense of structure, when the instruments are starting to pick up, they start trailing away in the begining, then it inevitably builds up with a haunting chorus. The song gets louder towards the closing. There's a good measure of where to put hard or soft parts in the music. This song kind of reminded me of Radiohead's song, "High and Dry" cause of the style of singing.


"The Manifold Curiosity" is the third song, with a lot to discover each time you listen, such as different instruments or vocal passages. In about four minutes into the song, there's an explosion of melody using numerous instruments, I don't think any other band is even capable of creating something that sounds like it cause of the variety of instruments being used.


At the end of this song, the band creates an intense chaotic blizzard of sound similar to what you'd hear in Strapping Young Lad's album, City, and the singer screams with a burning rage, like the singer in the Metalcore/Grindcore band, Converge, very heavy and reminds us that this band does use metal in their art.


Track four, "Wayfarer", is a song that transforms from eerie to lovely, with screeching violins that sound like they're being used for a horror movie and dramatic singing. There's a really good solo in this song too.


And now for the last track, "Antique", the song that gets as heavy as Dillinger Escape Plan and also ends up being kind of like a piano ballad song at the end.


One thing I've noticed in Kayo Dot compared to Maudlin of the Well is there wasn't that mush jazz elements, Maudlin of the Well was very jazzy. This new stuff is like Prog/Art rock, Doom Metal, Easy Listening, and Indie Rock, all with the band's own unique twist. I think everybody should give the album a shot and not judge it on the first listen since there's something new to find and appreciate in the music with each listen.






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