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Ако крену са неким мини турнејама, или свиркама по фестивалима, верујем да ће урадити нешто слично Коронеру, тј да ће прво на тим свиркама свирати старе ствари, па тек наког тога да се баце на нови ма

^ Уф, каква сет листа!   Ајде бре, нека их неко довлачи овамо!!!

Али је ово ипак Сенкчуери

jebali su mile majke. savrsen cert. warrel ubio, bilo je vise nego jasno da je mnogo vezbao da povrati visoke deonice.




Eden Lies Obscured

Die For My Sins

Battle Angels

Seasons of Destruction

White Rabbit

The Mirror Black


Future Tense

One More Murder

Soldiers of Steel

Animals (Scorpions cover)

Termination Force

Veil of Disguise

Long Since Dark

Taste Revenge


i novi gitarista je lik iz Forced Entry

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Више од Артиљерија, то је сигурно.


pa vise zvog nevermore-a, ali ne mnogo.


Од којих не би ништа ни свирали. А и знам за доста људи који немају појма да је Невермор настао из Сенкчуерија.

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Asked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for SANCTUARY's "comeback" album — tentatively titled "The Year The Sun Died"Dane said, "We've got so much stuff written that it's hard to sort through, but we played two new songs today [during the Bloodstock Open Air performance]. We played the one ballad, it's called 'I Am Low', and we played another one called 'The World Is Wired'. Some of the other stuff is a little heavier, but those songs, I think, are… Sometimes the stuff that isn't as heavy is stronger, so that's why we picked those."


He added, "I don't think anybody is gonna be disappointed, because I am involved in the creative process and I know what's going on and I know where we're going and I know it's gonna be killer."

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