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My Dying Bride


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meni se bas i ne svidja album. reciklaza bez emocija. Aronov clean vokal zvuci potpuno plasticno i emotionless nema ni izbliza onoliko nijansi izmucenosti kao na Angel and The Dark River, recimo, a pesme generalno (kojima se ne secam imena, osim shadowhaunt, jer su mi neraspoznatljive medjusobno) lici na recikliranu Catherine Blake ili My Wine In Silence sa dodatkom violine iz starih dana.



My Dying Bride Light, with 50% less bad emotions, now suitable for children under 13 yrs, approved by FDA in cooperation and New Christian League

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Evo i ja da kazem utiske...


Odlican je album, sunce ti...


Death Triumphant - jeste da traje 11 min ali je odlicna pesma ;)

Santuario Di Sangue - kad sam prvi put cuo, odusevio sam se, ali nisam znao naziv pesme (tj sta znaci). I kada sam preveo sa italijanskog, odusevio sam se... Onda mi je pesma u fullu

Shadowhaunt - sta reci za ovu pesmu, mislim svi znate :)

The Lies I Sire - malcice slabija od prethodnih ali takodje razbija rif ;)

Fall With Me - aaaaaaaaaaaa kakav uvod u pesmu, bas je mocan. Samo mi nije jasno sta govori od prve sekunde do devete? Da li: Feast, ili Fist ili mozda Fear (mada ne verujem da je Fear, jel se na kraju cuje ono - st)?

My Body, A Funeral - perfektna pesma ;)


Ostale pesmu su mi slabije, vokal mi malcice smeta al jbg ;) U svakom slucaju, album je odlican ;):P

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A u kurac:


U.K. doom legends MY DYING BRIDE have issued the following update:


"Katie [stone, violin/keyboards] is no longer taking part in MY DYING BRIDE. After confirming to play all of the shows we presently have booked, she decided she did not want to do them, stating the reason being as 'I want to concentrate on my career.' She is presently a parttime psychology student. So make of that what you will.


"The kind chap who came in to replace her is called Shaun Macgowan. He has been rehearsing with us for no time at all and has shown great commitment already. He will not be being classed as a full-time member until he has passed his probationary period with us, which is now 30 years.


"If you would like to welcome Shaun in the only way MDB fans can, that would be a great test of his character. And by 'the only way,' I mean to complain that he is not Martin. Forever.

"The band overall are saddened by the lineup change, we think more for you than us. But as anyone who saw the show at the Wave Gotik in Leipzig will confirm, we have lost nothing."

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Niko od vas nie razocaran u novi MDB?

citam strane forume i last.fm, svi kazu da je MDB vise ne prenosi emocie kao nekada i da glas Aarona zvuce previse prazno i plasticno. ja kao pojedinaca kazem da mi je ok. nista narocito, jer me previse podseca na Like Gods Of The Sun, ali nekako vestacki.

vase misljenje?

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Malo sam gledao njihov forum, bili su na onom Wave Gotik Treffen festivalu


neki njihov crew baci ovu listu


Set list to the best of my memory was...



Fall With Me

Bring Me Victory

From Darkest Skies

And I Walk With Them

Turn Loose The Swans

She Is The Dark

Catherine Blake

The Dreadful Hours

The Cry Of Mankind

My Body, A Funeral

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