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veliki sam Fan(bio do sad) ovog benda...

EDEN FIRE je obecavao,ONLY INHUMAN razvalio,a ovo poslednje je takvo otAljavanje posla da ja neam reci!!spot po principu "za svakog po nesto" je ispao jedno veliko NISTA i sve mi lici na otpadak ONLY INHUMAN albuma.pet novih DENIED i AFTERMATH,jedna nova ENCLAVE( ESCAPE,koja je inace svetla tacka albuma).album se zove LOVE AND OTHER DiSASTERS...ja bih prvio deo ove slozenice izostavio.


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kako je do jaja





There won't be any revolution

If we don't use our gift

We have to come to a conclusion

A power shift




koji jebeni kult

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Swedish modern metallers SONIC SYNDICATE, whose sound revolves around the dual vocals of Richard Sjunnesson and Roland Johansson, have announced that Roland (who is responsible for the "clean"/melodic singing in the group) has decided to leave the band "due to personal reasons beyond our control." The group says in a statement, "All of us in SONIC SYNDICATE wish Roland the best of luck in the future and we plan to continue our friendship / brotherhood outside the band. Thank you for all the hard work, and the good/bad times we had together."


Jbg :(

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Sonic Syndicate wants you!


You think you have what it takes to be a part of the Sonic Syndicate Family?

Let us hear what you got. Send us a link to a video showing off your vocals, a song you wrote, a band you’re playing in / used to sing in or any other form of digital propaganda you think will make you stand out from the rest.



All you have to do is visit http://bandit.se/index.php?page=6&underpage=431.78833 and fill out the formula or send a mail to sonicsyndicate.com and include the following info.







Link to a recent photo:

Link to your video, webpage or other form vocal submission:


Thank you for all the support and good luck!




ajmo prijave! :)

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