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Najbolji metal vokal


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Bruce !!!!!!!Bruce !!!!!!!Bruce !!!!!!!Bruce !!!!!!!Bruce !!!!!!!Bruce !!!!!!!Bruce !!!!!!!



biggrin.gifa: biggrin.gifa: biggrin.gifa:



Schaffer :roll:


Schaffer nije pevach smile.gif ... sem na Dark Saga kad malko recituje biggrin.gif ... al' dobro je izrecitov'o smile.gif ...

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Uh djaola vazda li vas brkam biggrin.gif Chaos



Follow me

To the land of make believe

Close your eyes I will be there

And I can take you anywhere



At the gates of paradise

It's a world full of illusions

By the masters of confusion, follow me...


Will you still follow me?...

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A zasto niko ne pominje Mike Vesceru??? Pjevao je sa Mlamsteenom (na "Seven Sign" i "Magnum Opus")! Co'ek je vokal broj 1!!! Dickinson mi je drazi, ali onaj covjek je ljudozder, nakos, monstrum, zlocinac, manijak, ubica, haski optuzenik, budala, vanzemaljac, masina, zlikovac, bio-mehanoid... jednom rijecju - ZLO!!!



P.S. Kako Bruce ime 9 oktava??? :? 8O 8O 8O :? Ko mu je to mjerio, keve ti?! Dobrovoljno vatrogasno drustvo?! tongue.gif

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