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Još jedan internet radio nas je dodao na svoju listu za ovu nedelju :




Welcome to the new Deep Six Radio! Matt will be bringing you tracks from Unsigned band, as well as a few tracks from Signed bands. Go HERE to find out how you can get your music on the Deep Six!


Episode 15


Week of August 31, 2009


This weeks Deep Six is a extravaganza show and is an extended show. Enjoy some of the very best signed and unsigned elite.


Bands featured this week on Deep Six:


The Clash - London Calling

Turn Off The Sun - Weekend In Prague

Pronther - Ballett

Aftersin - Party Trick

45 Grave - Violent Grave

Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - 10,000 Sermons, 1 Solution

The World After Torment - No Mercy For The Damned

Dehydrated Goat - Anal Place

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Free Fallin'

Sexstone - Thank You

Syndrome x209 - Cyber Age

Turn Off The Sun - Sirens

Martyr - I Am The Most Evil

Azazel - Time Will Tell

Brutart - Delirium

Vidian - Seenin Red

I-Theist - Lack Of Aesthetics

I-Theist - The Devil's Work

Baltimoore - I Am Who I Am, When I'm Alone

The Kerosene Man - Circus Infernal

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

Turn Off The Sun - Run with Scissors

Burnside Despair - This Is Not A Emo Song

Tension Head - So I Say

The Wasted Freaks - Lemon Scented Root Canal

Endless Void - New York Girl

Witchmaster - Two-Point Suicide

Void 808 - Beautiful Tonight

The Slashers - There's A Slasher In The Woods

Turn Off The Sun - Bonfires

The Mars Volta - Inertiatic ESP






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Bolje kontaktirajte clanove benda i kupite CD, to kosta 400, 500 dinara...Bolje je da kupis original, nego da skidas sa neta.... Nije ni cudo sto nam je scena u kurcu, kad niko ne kupuje diskove, neg

... i molim vas, ne dozvolite da se zavrsi na ovoj jednoj svirci, nemojte prestajati, ja sam i zaboravio koliko je ovo dobro. Makar 4-5 svirki godisnje, toliko moze svako!

Prizvao si svirku:

Usro sam ceo post nema veze evo kraća verzija



Azazel će posle duže pauze i ko zna kada opet, Beograđanima na uvce zasvirati 14. oktobra u sredu, u okviru drugog Wake up festa, zajedno sa :






DEMENZIA (Bulgaria)




SKC Living room (mala sala)


Početak u 21 h

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odlicno je bilo.falilo je mase ali sto se tice bilo je kao sto daca kaze kratko ali slatko.nisam odavno gledao azazel mislim da je poslednji put bilo u somboru 2007? ali ovo je momacki bilo odsvirano.ko i da niste prestajali sa radom.

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