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I'm standing here

Watching the clouds float by

Wondering why the pain never deserted me

The sadness, sorrow, bewilderness that never left


I'm flying... away

I'm flying... away


Holding hands with myself

Sharing life with myself

Reaping the loneliness I've sown

In these fields I've always grown

Digging blackness from my mind

I will die all alone



Znaci ovako dobar text i jos u kombinaciji sa onoliko dobrom mjuzom moze gadno da sjebe coveka!!!!!!!!

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5. jul, Smederevo.




ŠTA?!?! :confused:

Kako nisam skontala ovo ranije!?!??!?! KAKO!?!??!?! . .

fuck! Koliko je karta? joj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sve otkazujem, idem na ovo!!!!!!!

Edited by BiserkaB.

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Haha. Koja ispala. :) Jbt pazi stvarno za godinu dana 15 postova na ovoj temi. :)

:confused: . . Ali ja samo kontam da je Saturnus extra bend, i ovo nisam očekivala...

. . Niti sam čitala prethodne postove. :no: Pretrnula totalno....

Ajee... a baš bi bilo kul kada bi oni svirali ovde. ^_^


Jbg, odavno je poznato da ljudi ne cene prave vrednosti, a ovo je samo jedan od dokaza...


P.S. Inace meni ova "ispala" uopste nije bila smesna!

Slažem se.... jbt, meni je srce stalo :confused:

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sredinom prosle godine je na jednom forumu postavljena vest (njen izvor, doduse, nije bio naveden) da ce novi album biti naslovljen "Black Satan/White Angel" i da ce biti izdat u septembru iste godine. datum je otpao, videcemo da li ce i ime.


elem, evo linka ka celom nastupu sa kog je i gore pomenuta pesma: Saturnus - Live "Madrid is the Dark Fest 2009"

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  • 1 month later...

Denmark's melodic doom metal masters SATURNUS have issued the following update:


"As you might know, we went through a substantial 're-grouping' last year. Thomas A.G. Nielsen and Brian Hansen are, of course, still in the band handling vocals and bass while lead guitarist Rune Stiassny, who already participated in two European tours, also is a full-blooded member of SATURNUS. We are looking forward to present our drummer and a rhythm guitarist as well when the time comes.


"While we are humble towards the achievements of the past we are at the same time confident that we are able to carry on the flame and create a new SATURNUS album. When exactly a new album will see the light of day we can't say for sure. But what we can say is that we are currently in the process of writing new songs and that we will do some pre-recording for our album this spring.


"The new material — in our opinion — is promising indeed. But if you would like a peek listen as to how it actually sounds like we have uploaded a YouTube clip [below] from our performance of the new song 'Wind Torn' in Madrid last fall. We hope you like it… (our former drummer Jesper and Martin from NIGHTLIGHT/IRON FIRE helped us out on this tour — thank you!)."

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Samo da pitam, posto ce mozda biti organizovan prevoz, da li neko hoce da gleda Saturnus uzivo sa October Tide i Forgotten Tomb?


Cena zavisi od toga koliko nas bude bilo/islo, a sto se tice koncerta evo ceo info, pa ako neko hoce neka se javi na PP.




The 7th Of November 2010, The Silver Church Club, Bucharest


DonisArt would like to invite all lovers of Old School Metal, in its latent form, to join us on the 7th of November to DOOMED SOULS EVENING.

KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST or ANATHEMA, together with MY DYING BRIDE are landmark bands that have written history at the beginning at the nineties! That particular style of oppressive Doom Death Metal and its immediate by-products going towards Gothic or Funeral, immediately created a fragile but committed community that broke away from the ultrafast-ultra brutal legions of fans.


SATURNUS is a band that came to be in 1991, by the hands of bass player Brain Hansen who immediately brought on board Thomas A.G. Jensen and his unmistakable voice. In the last 20 years, the guys experienced many line up changes and lot of collaborations with musicians more or less knows. The only one who hasn’t left the band is Thomas. Now speaking about achievements, SATURNUS have released in 1996 “Paradise Belongs to you”, in 1998 “For the Loveless Lonely Nights” EP, in 2000 “Martyre” and in 2006 “Veronika Decides To Die”. Rune Stiassny has been playing live for SATURNUS for over 2 years now and has become an official member since then, along Thomas and Brian. With a new line-up the Danish quintet is coming to Bucharest, for the first time in Romania to perform a first concert for 2010 - a real unforgettable live experience.


OCTOBER TIDE has recorded in 1995 the album “Rain Without End”, appreciated by the press and fans as one of the top 5 first genre albums of all times. Because the band was started by members of KATATONIA, there were a lot of discussions about linking their music to the legendary album “Brave Murder Day”. In 1999 “Grey Dawn” was released, album after which the bands split up due to intense activity with KATATONIA. After more than 10 years, the guitarist Fred “North” Norrman has decided to reform the group, therefore in September Candlelight Records will be launching a new album, entitled “A Thin Shell”. Fred has brought in the band various members from bands like IN MOURNING, AMARAN, MANDYLON and DEMONICAL, with whom he’s planning to start fresh even if the plan is to follow the path laid down by the previous work. For those who do not know, Fred was the main guitar player in KATATONIA for the last 15 years, but last year, family problems forced him to terminate the collaboration.

The band is unleashing their new album in Bucharest, but the public will have the opportunity to enjoy older material as well, played in a new formula, but bearing the same authenticity.



FORGOTTEN TOMB was born in 1999 to Herr Morbid as a Depressive Black Doom Metal project, influenced by old KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST or BURZUM. During the 10 years of activity, this particular Italian guy released 4 albums and has just now finished to record a new material to be released next year under Agonia Records. The band has put out now a double album featuring the most important tracks of its history, recorded again without effects or studio tricks. The album’s correct concept is actually “Live in Studio”. The listener will find on the CD, two covers, one of NIRVANA and the other one of BLACK FLAG, and premiere song “Spectres Over Venice”. The material bears the mark of the famous Avantgarde Music label and it is extremely limited. FORGOTTEN TOMB will be coming to Bucharest in a formula of 4 and will play for over an hour for all depressive Metal lovers.



All bands are coming exclusively for this Special Evening, the concert is not part of any tour, which means that fans will be able to talk to the artists for as long as they like!




Location: The Silver Church Club, Calea Plevnei Nr. 61, Bucuresti

Date: 7th November 2010, 20.00 hours

Organizer: DonisArt

Tickets: 70 lei

Distribution: Tickets through Eventim: Germanos, Orange, Vodafone stores, Humanitas and Carturesti BookShops and online www.eventim.ro.



Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=13772599&blogId=538015205#ixzz11UAQ5CzN

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