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Evo nešto baš za uber fanove:


GOTHIC FATE feat. ex-GAMMA RAY bassist to release "Illuminati" via Skol Records

It's not a secret that Hamburg is the capital city of German Power and Heavy Metal, and gave birth to such legendary acts like HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY, RUNNING WILD or IRON SAVIOR. On May 29, 2015, Skol Records will reveal one of the best kept secrets of Hamburg's scene, and an album that will match these legendary names: "Illuminati", debut album of GOTHIC FATE. The band was active between 1998 and 2005, and recorded 2 demos and full studio album titled "Illuminati" in 2004, which remained unreleased and unknown until now.


GOTHIC FATE feature in its ranks Uwe Wessel, bassist known from GAMMA RAY, with whom he recorded albums such as "Heading For Tomorrow" and "Sigh No More", as well as bunch of singles and the legendary "Heading For The East" video. "Illuminati" has been recorded and mixed by Wolfgang Budde, and recently mastered by Bart Gabriel. The album includes 13 songs, and excerpts from few of them can be heard in the following album teaser: https://youtu.be/uDWymVHqQ7E

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GAMMA RAY (Official) on the road again!

Here following the „BEST OF THE BEST - PARTY TOUR 2015“ dates.

Special guest Serious Black - Official

Wedn, 28.10. Wilhelsmhaven + Pumpwerk

FRI, 30.10. Hamburg + Markthalle

SA, 31.10. Berlin + C-Club

Sun 01.11. Bochum + Zeche

Tues, 03.11. München + Backstage Werk

SA 07.11. Lucenec + Sports Hall

Sun 08.11. Budapest + Club 202

Tues, 10.11. Graz + Explosiv

Wed 11.11. Milano - special guest to Scorpions - Mediolanum Forum

FRI 13.11. Pamplona + Totem

SA, 14.11. Santiago de Compostela + Capitol

Sun, 15.11. Porto + Hard Club

Tues 17.11. Lissabon + Paradis Garaje

Wed 18.11. Sevilla + Custom

FRI 20.11. Murcia + Gamma

SAt 21.11. Madrid + San Miguel

Sun 22.11. Barcelona + Razz 1

Tues 24.11. Lyon + Ninkasi Kao

Wedn 25.11. Pratteln + Z7

Fri 27.11. Memmingen + Kaminwerk

Fri 04.12. Aschaffenburg + Colos-Saal

Sat 05.12. Paris + Trabendo

Sun 06.12. Vosselaar + Biebob

Tues 08.12. London + Islington

Wed 09.12. Tilburg + 013

Fri 11.12. Gothenburg + Musikens Hus

Sat 12.12. Stockholm + Klubben


Tako je!

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It was with great surprise that in 1988 Kai Hansen decided to leave Halloween: the band he co-founded and that in a very few years reached a very high level of success, ending up influencing and challenging the bands that were once their original inspiration.

Hansen left Halloween just when the band had finally reached international stardom and after having won the appreciation of metal giants such as Iron Maiden who often publicly championed the German band. Hansen, Gamma Ray and Halloween are now very good friends, often sharing the stage, but in 1987 the divorce was a proper rock and roll acrimonious one: a true shock for the metal scene. The reasons that brought Kai Hansen to leave the band are still the subject of interviews and fan debates, despite listening to the forthcoming reissue of “Heading For Tomorrow”, 25 years after its original release, it looks very obvious that Kai Hansen destiny was to lead his own band.

“Heading For Tomorrow (Anniversary Edition)” will be released on July 24th, 2015 on earMUSIC.

25 years after the official debut, Gamma Ray and earMUSIC have started a monumental work to re-release the entire production by Gamma Ray in deluxe double CDs.

The original albums will be re-presented in new shining, remastered version on the first disc (with the inclusions of all B-sides) while the second CD will be dedicated to old live recordings, demos digitalised for the first time from the original tapes saved by all members of the band, alternative versions and recent studio and live recordings.

“Heading For Tomorrow” was initially released as a Kai Hansen solo album. By extracting the LP out of its sleeve, “Heading For Tomorrow” revealed its “secret intention” (it was still the days of LP, or is it again?) revealing a second cover, introducing Kai’s new baby: GAMMA RAY.

After the global critical success of “Empire Of The Undead”, Kai Hansen has decided to continue the collaboration with Eike Freese and Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn), the production team. Kai Hansen has spent hundred hours, digitalising and remastering hundreds of tapes, alternative versions and ideas that were so far jealously hidden in Gamma Ray’s private archive.

Adds Hansen: “I am incredibly thankful that after 25 fantastic years of Gamma Ray, I am still standing here, making music and performing on stage. It's awesome to see that fans from the first days keep on supporting us and that we still make new friends. It’s something you can't take for granted. After my departure from Helloween, it all could have gone the other way as well. Instead, we continue to make albums and tour the world. That's close to unbelievable!

Working on the first reissue for ‘Heading For Tomorrow’ brought back so many great memories and Ralf and I dug out some funny stories.

Two years ago, our studio, our harbour in Hamburg, burnt down and a lot of memorabilia and original tapes were lost, but we all searched our private archives and managed to find some great rarities and hopefully some highlights for the fans. We are proud to release our little babies in a new style with a brand new cover artwork done by Hervé Monjeaud and a new sound, a fantastic remastering done by Eike Freese and Alex Dietz.”

Kai Hansen is today the voice of Gamma Ray but it is important to remember that in the beginning of Gamma Ray’s history Kai had planned to focus on his role of songwriter and guitar player. If the original album still shines also thanks to the vocals of Ralf Scheepers, the second CD offers real treasures for all Gamma Ray fans, like the original demos of songs like “Money”, “Sail on”, “Heaven Can Wait” or “The Silence” featuring Hansen on vocals.

To celebrate their 25th anniversary in style, Gamma Ray is touring in Europe this autumn.



1. Welcome

2. Lust For Life

3. Heaven Can Wait

4. Space Eater

5. Money

6. The Silence

7. Hold Your Ground

8. Free Time

9. Heading For Tomorrow

10. Look At Yourself

11. Mr. Outlaw (Japanese Bonus Track)

12. Sail On (B-Side from “Heaven Can Wait” EP)

13. Lonesome Stranger (B-Side from “Heaven Can Wait” EP)


1. Who Do You Think You Are

2. Heaven Can Wait (Demo)

3. Money (Demo - Kai on vocals)

4. Sail on (Demo - Kai on vocals)

5. Heading For Tomorrow (Live)

6. Space Eater (Live)

7. The Silence (Demo - Kai on vocals)

8. Mr. Outlaw (Instrumental Version)

9. Heaven Can Wait (Demo - Kai on vocals)

10. Heading For Tomorrow (Karaoke Version)

11. Space Eater (Karaoke Version)

12. Lonesome Stranger (Demo)

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Nisam preslušao ceo jerbo sam prebijen k'o konj od umora, al iz ovoga što sam čuo najjači utisak mi je ostavio bubanj - dosta je naglašeniji u odnosu na ranije mikseve, a na momente mi je čak zazvučao kao nalepljen.

Al' morao bih da mu se temeljnije posvetim. Svakako deluje kao nešto što vredi imati u kolekciji, samo da procure scan-ovi da vidimo na šta liči booklet :D

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Glasao sam juče, nego me mrzelo da pišem...


Space Eater

Dream Healer

Tribute to the Past

Last Before the Storm

Heal Me

All of the Damned

Abyss of the Void

Watcher in the Sky

Men, Martians and Machines

Razorblade Sigh


Ostalo sam po jednu sa svakog, mrzi me da pišem, nisu mi bitni toliko ti albumi :D


Namerno sam izbegavao pesme koje sam već čuo uživo, pošto sam ih gledao dvaput, iako znam da za 90% ovih koje sam glasao nema teorije da dobiju glas većine...

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Heaven Can Wait, Heading For Tomorrow

As Time Goes By, Dream Healer

No Return, Last Before The Storm

Beyond The Black Hole, Somewhere Out In Space

Rebellion, Afterlife

Anywhere In The Galaxy, Armageddon

Dethrone Tyranny, Lake Of Tears

My Temple, Majesty

Rain, Empress

Empathy, Rise

Master, Empire

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Ni ja uglavnom nisam glasao za one za koje se zna da će imati dovoljno glasova, ajd sad da ne pišem sve redom, od ovoga što je važno sam glasao


Space Eater

Lust For Life


Dream Healer

One With The World (meh, ali generalno nisam ljubitelj ovog albuma a iz glave mi ništa pametnije nije padalo)


Heal Me

Tribute to the Past


All of the Damned

Abyss of the Void


No Stranger

Watcher in the Sky


Anywhere in the Galaxy



Pa još Dethrone Tyranny, Fight, Blood Religion...itd.

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