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STRAPPING YOUNG LAD guitarist Jed Simon and his girlfriend Susanna tied the knot on October 2. The wedding in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, was "an amazing event," according to a posting on the group's official web site. "Rico Forrester from SAVANNAH and Rob Urbinati from SACRIFICE were Jed's Best Men. The MESHUGGAH boys even rolled in to give their best!!! They drove all night from Tampa, Florida... 1,100 miles to try and make the wedding...they didn't quite make it, but they were able to hang out for a couple hours when they did arrive, and Jed and Susanna were totally surprised!! Sean Sitka, who usually is SYL's bus driver, is driving MESHUGGAH, so it was his plan to surprise the newlyweds... Good job, Sean!!!


"It's hard to describe Jed and Susanna together, they are so much alike...but as SYL's old guitar tech Adriano once said... 'Oh no, now there's two of you!' Hahaha!!! That sums them up pretty well!"


In other news, Simon and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD frontman Devin Townsend have placed orders for new custom guitars from ESP. "Jed and Dev both worked hard with ESP rep Allen Steelgrave and ESP president Matt Masciandaro to get their vision for the guitars just right," the band write on their web site. "Our deepest thanks to them for their support for over 10 years now!!!"


As previously reported, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD have been confirmed as the main support act on ARCH ENEMY's upcoming U.K. tour. The band recently completed a highly successful run on the inaugural Sounds of The Underground tour in support of their genre-defying breakthrough new album, "Alien". A major U.S. tour with FEAR FACTORY, SOILWORK and DARKANE is scheduled to take place in October/November, followed by a European run with MESHUGGAH.


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We have just commenced writing for the follow-up to "Alien". We're only a week in, and we're already up to 4 wicked new tunes! I'm really psyched with the new stuff, hell, we all are. And Jed's not even here yet! As everyone knows, STRAPPING is sort of an evolution in progress, and this album will be no different. Anyone looking for an "Alien-Pt.II", or a "City-Pt.II", or hell, even a "Chicken Feather-Pt.II", knows that's not how we work. Fresh new STRAPPING sounds for a fresh new chapter. And, what an exciting chapter this is looking to be. Because, one of the other reasons 2006 is gonna be so rippin' is that, come July, upon the new one's release, STRAPPING has some CRAZY touring plans, which we'll go into later. But, suffice it to say, this will be our most prodigious year, indeed. I'll tell ya all about it next month, no problem...

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