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Ovi carevi snimaju novi album, tj. snimili su ga i sad idu mix, master i ta čuda. "The Arts Of Destruction" će se zvati, u februaru valjda izlazi.


Inače, ovo obaveštenje je pobeda :haha:


Due to a neck muscle tightness and inflamation Sataniac will not be able to play the Eire show on Saturday!
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German black/thrash commando DESASTER has finished recording its new album, "The Arts Of Destruction", for a February 28 release (one day earlier internationally) via Metal Blade Records.


A landing page that includes "The Arts Of Destruction" pre-order links as well as the brand new song "Queens Of Sodomy" can be found at this location.


Comments the band: "'The Arts Of Destruction' … 100% Desaster 100% Metal 100% Hell 100% Non-commercial! We still spit on trends, hail the cult of metal and send a big FUCK YOU to all who don't believe in metal music! We don't want to say so much about the album… only… pure metal, full of darkness and blasphemy, no compromise, no innovation… In our eyes our best sounding and most brutal album so far! Check it out and create your own view. Bang or be banged!"


"The Arts Of Destruction" track listing:


01. Intro

02. The Arts Of Destruction

03. Lacerate With Hands OfDoom

04. Splendour Of The Idols

05. Phantom Funeral

06. Queens Of Sodomy

07. At Hell's Horizon

08. Troops Of Heathens – Graves Of Saints

08. Possessed And Defiled

09. Beyond Your Grace

10. Outro


There will be a limited first edition available, including a bonus DVD.

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Novi Desaster je baš retro...no shit, Desaster u retro fazonu :o da se objasnim - više vuče na starije radove i ima malo više bleka i melodije u odnosu na trešovanje, Possessed And Defiled traje 8,5 minuta što i nije uobičajeno za ovaj bend, čak je i zvuk malo produkcijski tanji da se uklopi u celu sliku. Vokal opet zna da zablista u nekim momentima. :haha:

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