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Ja srećom tad nisam znao ni za jedne ni za druge, ali se jesam skenjao par godina kasnije kada su mi ljudi pričali o tom koncertu x]


Taj kombo sas Delirious je doduše i meni bio izuzetan. I neki Česi predgrupa bili, ne mogu se setim imena, nešto na A, "Crystal Mountain" obrada bila.

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Absurd Conflict


edit-preteko me underkuruz


provalite sto ima majicu na omotu albuma :bigblue: .Inace taj lik iz AC je cak studirao srpski jezik.Martin se zove ako se dobro secam.



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Jeste Martin, lik je studirao srpski, legenda je, popili smo pivo naravno . Majicu je dobio od mene na poklon.

Koncert je bio fenomenalan, svirali su i The Stone, Rakić je palio baklju na bini, ludo bilo. izgubio sam mobilni skačući sa bine, srećom pa su mi ga posle nasli i vratili.

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Farewell, Tormentor!

After a lot of discussions we finally decided to separate from Tormentor (Husky). It wasn´t easy for us because Tormentor was an important part of DESASTER in the last 22 years. Because of his job in the two hard working bands SODOM and ASPHYX and his movement to the "Ruhrpott" area he couldn´t rehearse any longer with DESASTER, not for live shows and not for songwriting. As every fan of the band knows, DESASTER is an old-school Metal band that spoils blood, sweat and beer in the rehearsal room and doesn´t exchange soundfiles via internet. Although we weren´t that actice any longer in the past years we don´t want to be just a "project" but a real band that plays live and wants to write songs and release them. It was very hard for us to realize it, but this won´t be possible with Tormentor any longer. Of course we depart in friendship and we wish him all the best in life. He will play his last gig on October, 5th 2018 on the Way of Darkness Festival in Lichtenfels. Here he will hand over the drum sticks to his successor. The new man on the drums is called HONT and he used to play together with singer Sataniac in his old band DIVINE GENOCIDE. Furthermore he released albums with the band MONASTERY in the 90s and even experienced the big business with the chart breaking band JUPITER JONES before he decided to return to extreme Metal underground music and make noise together with DESASTER. He wanted it that way! Blame yourself! Welcome to hell! BANG OR BE BANGED!!!



Good luck, Desaster!

Germany, Rathenow 25.02.1995: my first Desaster live show as a step in drummer. After that and many countless hours in the rehearsal room, I had my first official show on 24.05.1996 at HOT Metternich/ Germany.

Unfortunately last weekend my buddies told me that they won’t continue having me as a drummer. As I now play in two more bands and my geographical distance to Koblenz, it’s not possible for me to rehearse like we did in the past!

I never thought for a second to leave the band, but Sataniac, Infernal and Odin decided it that way. I wish Desaster all the best in the future and hope that many great tunes will be written.

I will now concentrate my full energy into Asphyx and Sodom and a new, great private challenge.

I owe a lot to the band and Infernal. Without him, I would not be the person that I am now! Desaster was more than a band, it was a bunch of buddies, something that will never change! The band was feeling kind of like „my baby“, even though Infernal formed the band in 1988!

Guys, thanks for 22 years full of killer music, great shows, tons of beers and many ups and downs!!

Husky (Tormentor), September 2018

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EURYNOMOS’ first full length album will be unleashed after we passed the corona climax and things are getting back to normal.
Expect nothing but a true manifest of authentic, intense, thunderous, Marshall-driven dark and heavy Metal mayhem.
The album is a logical continuation of the successful “Trilogy” 7″EP series.

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