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  1. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/steven_wilson_says_guitar_no_longer_inspires_him_to_make_music_shares_opinion_on_billie_eilish.html "The Billie Eilish single 'Bury a Friend,' I mean, the production is just amazing, and what I love about is it's so sparse, there's hardly anything going out - very elaborate sort of painterly kind of approach to creating the backing track. "And her voice is completely at the forefront; in some ways, it's everything, the quality of the voice is everything, and she's got this wonderful voice that feels like it's whispering, and
  2. dr Kevine brt nesto sam u kurcu u poslednje vreme -Smile and learn to pretend
  3. ne znam jesi gledao lids skoro, pola ekipe fura man bun 😄
  4. meni dosta bolji prethodni jbg mada aj dacu mu vremena
  5. nova Purification pesma, album 31. jula https://purificationdoom.bandcamp.com/album/perfect-doctrine
  6. 🙏valjda ce bude i za dijasporu 🙏
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