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Ultimate Bastich V.2.

Protest The Hero

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skinuh i odslushah dvd odavno. malo mi se ne svidja produkcija, bass je nekako previshe tih za moj ukus, sve mi nekako delovalo suvo :/

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Artist: Protest The Hero
Title: Gallop Meets The Earth (Live Toronto 18.12.08) DVDRip
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720x480 (853:480) 29.97fps
Video Size: 720*480
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch
File Size: 1.07 GB
Length: 1:05:11


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opet su resili da promene fazon, ali da ostane isti... one gitare zvuce prezajebano

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Hey All,




I realize we have been ridiculously quiet for going on 6-7 weeks now. While I sit hear on Juice's couch in his humble Stoney Creek studio, I feel like if you're checking back to this page, you deserve to know what's going on!




Right meow, Cheese is tracking his final song for the album - and he couldn't be happier. I returned to the studio today after a brief couple days off, (mainly to gain back a shred of sanity) and he is as cabin-feverish as I was when I left. He needs to finish this beast soon before he kills the rest of us in our sleep at our motel! ..or goes postal in the Fortino's we find ourselves in everyday for breakfast...




We have already sent off half of the album for mixing, and we are supposed to be getting a rough mix sometime soon. The other half will be sent off as soon as it's done and then it's pretty much out of our hands for a while. After that, we will finalize the tracklisting and song transitions etc when we master the album with our friend Joao in Toronto.




If you haven't already heard, the infamous Machine will be mixing all of the album at his studio in the States - something we wouldn't have dreamed possible listening to lamb of god records in our van since we were 18!




Anyway, Cheese and I are working on getting a little studio pupdate together so you can catch a glimpse of what he has been doing. So far, it's as stupid as the rest of them and doesn't give away too much. I hope I can have that done sometime early next week.




Arif is busy putting the final touches on the amazing artwork for the album and we have pretty much decided on a name but we ain't giving that away yet...




Lastly, I want to direct any would be guitar players to a december sale that Tim and I are running. Unlike some of our other gimmicks, this sale is legit. You buy a book and picks at regular price, you get a free DVD ("gallop meets the earth"). It's a double cd/dvd and worth it for the artwork alone. I am only going to run this sale until December 24th, so get on it if that is something that floats your boat.




For Fortress go here: http://protestthehero.bigcartel.com/product/fortress+picks+free-dvd




For Kezia go here: http://protestthehero.bigcartel.com/product/kezia+picks+dvd




Hope you are all well, and I/we will try to keep you in the loop a little bit more in the coming months.




Fuck snow.







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Šta je kog đavola "Scurrilous"?


Vikipedija kaže: "A vulgarism (from Latin vulgus, the "mean folk"), also called scurrility, is a colloquialism of an unpleasant action or unrefined character, which substitutes a coarse, indecorous word where the context might lead the reader to expect a more refined expression. For example the term "the tits on Botticelli's Venus" is a vulgarism. Vulgarisms are assumed to be associated with low and coarse motivations that were..."


Znači novi album je poganost neka teška :D

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