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Od pocetka su planirali da turneja traje dve godine i rekli su da ce svirati svuda gde ranije nisu dolazili. Nadao sam se da spadamo u tu kategoriju. Posto sam u kontaku sa Uli Jon Roth-om moram da vidim da ih zabedim da dodju. Cenim da bi na njihov koncert ovde doslo mnogo ljudi.


Bolje da pokusas da "zabedis" neke od domacih organizatora, i to onih vecih tipa Beogradska Arena i sl, da ih dovedu. Tu je glavni problem. Bend kao bend bi sigurno dosao, ako bi im neko od organizatora platio koliko traze.

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Scorpionse nikad nisam smatrao omiljenim bendom,ali neke njihove pesme stvarno obožavam. "This Is My Song", "Comming Home", "Robot Man", "When The Smoke Is Going Down". U poslednje vreme malo češće pustim celu diskografiju i baš mi lepo leži. Šteta što neće doći, voleo bi i njih da vidim pre nego što se penzionišu.

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Mikkey Dee postao novi bubnjar benda.


James Kottak leaves on a positive note.


Since 1992, the Swedish Mikkey Dee used to be a former band member of Motörhead until the dissolution of the rock band after the death of Lemmy Kilmister.


“We would like to thank James for so many years of lasting participation in the band and personal friendship. We understand and respect his need for time as he makes his way through the final stages of his healing process.”


“After our incredibly successful shows in the US, Europe and Asia, we are sure to have found a fantastic drummer with Mikkey Dee. He brings a fresh energy to the band and we look forward to the exciting time together that lies ahead.“ – SCORPIONS

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