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Usrali su stvar sa Stangerom ali ipak prva 4 albuma su remek dela ljudi!!! A sto se tice certa ja sam rekao da cu ici cim su pocele prve glasine o njihovom dolasku i zato sam po tom pitanju cist!! Ponovo sam poceo da ih volim jer su pristali da sviraju u zemlji Srbiji!!! Zato ce sutra biti icon_rockdevil.gificon_rockdevil.gificon_rockdevil.gificon_rockdevil.gif

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to zaboravih da napomenem 2:20 svirke tj. 140min, u odnosu na onih standardnih 80 =)



shta li si tiI doživeo :roll

nebitno....scenski nastup kod metallice ne postoji osim onog vatrometa na sandmanu i oneu....



i na fuelu icon_smile.gif, dobro de, vatra je do jaja, temp se promeni na tren za 20C u plus kada puste istu icon_smile.gif onda fore sa bimovima i scenama iz FMJ icon_smile.gif ma icon_wink.gif a i likovi imaju do jaja kontakt sa pubilkom i nisu nikako statichni icon_smile.gif kad je neki opaki lik death ili black metalac koji je neposredno pred koncert prozivao metaliku skakao uz st.anger i frantic, sve ti je jasno... =)

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ne radi mi mozak bash najbolje al' mislim da su pocheli u 20 do 9



lars ili james, nisam siguran:

Metallica better not wait another 23 years to come back to Belgrade. Not only was this the first time Metallica was in Belgrade, but this is also the first time a foreign rock band has brought in their own production (stage, pyro etc) so it was definitely a big deal. We were joined by a local act (I think they were local) VanGogh, but I did not remember any of their hit songs. When Metallica walked on stage, it was like the whole town was lifted up. I was standing in the tower together with the lighting director, and I could almost feel the earth moving. Even though a lot of these fans do not speak Engligh, they had no problems singing along with the lyrics, AMAZING. This show will definitely go down in my own Metalli-history, and I am sure the city & fans will be saved deep in the bands heart too. Let's not wait another 23 years, OK??
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i repertoar



Harvester Of Sorrow

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)


For Whom The Bell Tolls

St. Anger

Sad But True

Creeping Death

Fade To Black



Wherever I May Roam

Nothing Else Matters

Master of Puppets


Enter Sandman


The Four Horsemen

Seek And Destroy

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