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Metallic Hardcore/Sludge/Crust (Entombedcore)

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imas na soulseek neke 128 ripove.


kidaju obe trake. prvi put slusam ovaj xaphan, bas nadrkano krastovanje.

Ima ali samo za ove dve pesme. To su samo skinuli sa bandcampa..


kumodraški, evo ti direwolves 10. aprila u ns-u.



Super sto dolaze, steta sto ovakvi bendovi slabo dolaze u Bg..


OT: nadjoh ove, malo su vise sludge







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skinuo ja yautja-u kad je izašao album još. nije loše, mada me nešto nisu navukli da ih pustim još koji put.


slušajte ovo, mnogo opasan split. može i na crust/d-beat temu, ali ajde neka bude ovde.



evo i absolutist-ov album za džabe na bc-u...


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Cult Leader’s very name may constitute an acknowledgement of this fact. Lineup-wise, this band is basically a modified version of Gaza, who broke up last year amidst allegations that their singer, Jon Parkin, had sexually assaulted a fan. The rest of the band parted ways with Parkin; bassist Anthony Lucero moved over to vox; and the band changed its name, presumably in an effort to distance themselves from their former singer. Parkin, with his towering frame, constituted the most visually striking part of Gaza’s live show. This fact made him a double liability for his ex-bandmates: not only was his name besmirched, but the memory of his presence would make it difficult for any other vocalist to fill his role.


So the name change makes sense. Ironically, it has produced virtually no alterations to the band’s music — listen to their ‘debut’ EP Nothing For Us Here below, courtesy of Slug Magazine.

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