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The Dillinger Escape Plan


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vidim da mi je nestala tema pa je moram opet napraviti.


inace bio sam na svirci sinoc.


8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O


raskrvarili su jednog lika, opicila ga gitarom po glavi.


kao i uvek....naj naj naj bolestini nastup svih vreme.


DEP su vrhunac brutalne i progresivne muzike.

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Joooj...sick bastards dillingeri... biggrin.gif

Isuvishe bolesno za moj ukus (ako tako neshto uopshte postoji :mrgreen: ) ali ono...pruzicu im josh jednu shansu smile.gif


Agree...bolest na kub biggrin.gif

ne mogu ja to...ne ide mi sa varenjem njihove muzike nikako smile.gif

i ne verujem da cu im dati josh jednu shansu biggrin.gif

mada,ko zna...

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05 Jan 2004

Lostprophets and Dillinger Escape Plan have paid tribute to the pop luminary Justin Timberlake by covering his songs.


Dillinger covered 'Like I Love You' at their recent London show while The Prophets' cover of 'Cry Me A River' from their recent BBC session has been posted online.


Log on to www.dragonninja.com and click on the BBC Performance link to check it out.

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