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Leave the Sleep and let the springtime talk

In tongues from the time before man

Listen to a daffodil tell her tale

Let the guest in, walk out, be the first to greet the morn


The meadows of heaven await harvest

The cliffs unjumped, cold waters untouched

The elsewhere creatures yet unseen

Finally your number came up, free fall awaits the brave



Taste the wine

Race the blind

They will guide you from the light

Writing noughts till the end of time


Surf the clouds

Race the dark

It feeds from the runs undone

Meet me where the cliff greets the sea


The answer to the riddle before your eyes

Is in dead leaves and fleeting skies

Returning swans and sedulous mice

Writings the gardens book, in the minute of a lover's look


Building a sandcastle close to the shore

A house of cards from a worn out deck

A home from the fellowship, poise and calm

Write a lyric for the song only you can understand


Riding hard every shooting star

Come to life, open mind, have a laugh at the orthodox

Come, drink deep let the dam of mind seep

Travel with great Élan, dance a jig at the funeral







Make me wonder

Make me understand

Spark the light of doubt and a newborn mind

Bring the vast unthinkable down to earth


Always wary of a captive thought

Beware the very first unkind word

See who you are, where from, what of


Entering the unknown

Daring to see beyond the manmade

Woe to you who evade the horizon

Listening to Sagan

Dreaming Carl Sagan

Unseen streams

With understanding no poet is trapped

Woe to all who stop at the horizon


What kind of world would we call home

Our own

Oasis of love, humility and hope

Eradicating all that's not for life


What kind of aim would we call high

What kind of life would bathe in the brightest white

A limitless world will rise

Son a man, dare to let go of cowardice




Link gore u jednom stihu se odnosi na Saganov Contact (1997)

Edited by Ninoslav

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Uf... u suštini ono što kaže ETF, imajući u vidu one lajvove, pluš što je ludi Kai grinder svirao bubanj ja sam očekivao da će Floorka da dobije neki težak metal da iskida preko njega a ovo neki lullaby, da budem bolno iskren ovo mi uz Eva najslabiji prvi singl /najava albuma za NW. Ali imajući u vidu kakvu je Eva albumčinu najavila imam još vere u Tuomasa, nikad me nije izjebao. I gde ovog kletog đeda ubaciše zvanično u bend, imam osećaj da svira tin whistle i kad Tuomas ide da sere. Sagan mi mnogo bolja od Elan ali kao što rekosmo čeka se album, nije to ništa još gotovo.

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