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Strapping Young Lad


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STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Begin Recording New Album


STRAPPING YOUNG LAD guitarist Jed Simon has issued the following update on the recording process for the group's follow-up to last year's "Alien":


"Got most everything done on drums [on Tuesday, March 7]... Gene [Hoglan] will amaze you, as usual, with some sick drumming! [On Wednesday, March 8] we finish up at the Armoury, check out their MySpace profile, and you can see where we do a lot of recording, a wonderful studio.


"[On Thursday, March 9] we move on to Profile Studio for the rest of the month for everything else...guitar, bass, vocals, keys...then mixing, which I'm not sure where yet, but will let you know! We are taking pictures and film and will have some stuff available to view soon...


"This album really is a stomper, looking forward to getting it on the road!!!"


STRAPPING YOUNG LAD have secured a second-stage slot at this year's Ozzfest, which is scheduled to kick off July 1 in San Francisco, California.

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I've got a confession to make:


juce sedim na faxu, smoren, i u pola predavanja pustim muziku da bih se zabavio. Pustim od Strappinga Home Nucleonics i u glavi mi slika kako stojim na sred ucionice i nasumicno pucam po ljudima iz automacke puske.


mogao bi da smanjim slusanje streppinga u javnosti, I guess...



musik19.gif - musik20.gif - mrred.gif

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STRAPPING YOUNG LAD: Debut Album Reissue To Include Bonus Material


Century Media Records will re-release STRAPPING YOUNG LAD's 1995 debut album, "Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing", in Europe on June 12. The re-issue features a re-mastered version of this classic debut, four bonus tracks, the "S.Y.L." video and a 12-page booklet with extended liner notes from Devin Townsend himself. As Devin recalls, "I had finished with THE WILDHEARTS just prior to this [1994], and they were so anti-everything that I decided to take a similar approach while focusing on dissonance and just being as over-the-top as I could. Songs didn't really matter; it was just the intensity and the vibe plus lots of humor. Screaming and laughing are pretty close, I think, and I have just never been 'hard,' so we do what comes naturally, right? Right."


"Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing" (re-issue) track listing:


01. S.Y.L. (4:46)

02. In the Rainy Season (4:37)

03. Goat (3:30)

04. Cod Metal King (5:08)

05. Happy Camper (Carpe B.U.M.) (3:01)

06. Critic (4:08)

07. The Filler – Sweet City Jesus (5:24)

08. Skin Me (3:30)

09. Drizzlehell (3:10)

10. Satan's Ice Cream Truck (2:34) (hidden bonus track from original pressing)

11. Japan (5:17) (originally a Japanese bonus track)

12. Monday (5:13) (previously unreleased bonus track)

13. Exciter (6:04) (European bonus track from original version; JUDAS PRIEST cover version)


+ "S.Y.L." video clip (4:50)

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odlicna vest, jer je heavy uvek malo jeftino zvuceo za syl standarde, mada bi bilo bolje re-recorduju sa sadashnoj ekipom. sto se tice bonusa, japan imam na no sleep till bedtime, i samo ovaj monday nisam slusao.



SYL spot je idiotluk i ev nosi majcu na kojom u ogromnim slovama pise DEV i ima neku pecurka frizuru.


i svakom slucaju, kupujem.

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ne dijelim misljenje ni sa jednim od vas, ja mislim da su pjesme napisane na najnormalniji nacin tj. da su sve ili bar vecjinom nove i da cje album zvucati kao svaki normalan i zaokruzen syl album

i najbolji metal album je mogucje proizvesti u roku od par mjeseci ako se dobro zapne, pogotovo kad je hiperkreativni devin u pitanju

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ja mogu da se kunem da sam negde procitao kako je Dev hteo novi pristup za ovaj album, da se nadje bend i da za mesec dana najvise iskomponuje ceo album, da bude onako spontano krljenje.


mozda sam i sanjao..i to je moguce. icon_smile.gif

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Guest Daemonium

"The New Black" tentative track listing (in no particular order):


01. Decimator

02. You Suck

03. Antiproduct

04. Hope

05. Wrong Side

06. Monument

07. Far Beyond Metal

08. Fucker

09. Almost Again

10. Polyphony

11. The New Black

Bonus Tracks:

12. The Long Pig

13. C:enter:###


Commented STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mainman Devin Townsend: "The recording process went amazingly well, and STRAPPING as a whole is really excited about this effort. We were very inspired with the idea of doing Ozzfest, and the concept we are running with on this record is really based around abhorring the current music scene, yet being a part of it in some weird way. SYL is ready to be a subversive product for the unwitting 14-year-olds to scream along with. We also intend to sprinkle a little ugly around all the pretty bands this year. You can think of us as the proverbial pubic hair in the cheesecake of this year's festival. We are ugly, large and angry. We have also been around longer as a band than 90% the other bands. Most of all, we're just really excited to be a part of Ozzfest and this summer is going to be crazy."

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Devy je najveci car na svetu i ovo je najbolja najava za album koju sam u zivotu procitao.


i KONACNO su se seteli da snime Far Beyond Metal u studiju!!!


kapiram da je You Suck posvecena kolektivnom metalcore movementu.




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