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On 4/9/2020 at 6:05 PM, Angelystor said:

Najbolji bend koji sam do sad izvalio u izolaciji, Titan Force:

Naravno ovde kačim zbog Conklina i da ne bih otvarao novu temu za polu-mrtvi bend (Grčka i KIT nastupi). Elem, nisam video da je nešto mnogo pominjan na forumu, a i drugde, meni ovo sjajna jedna USPM/Fates Warning a la "No Exit" kombinacija, sa zdravom dozom classic heavy/nwobhm upliva u sve to. Plus Tyrant u godinama života vokalno. Topla preporuka oba albuma. Lično bih drugi verovatno izdvojio, možda malo više zreliji i proggy, ali nema greške ni sa jednim ni sa drugim svakako.

Sledece subote u Essenu je "Hammer and Iron" Festival. Hedlajneri su opet Jag Panzer a svirace i Titan Force .Izmedju dva Harijeva benda svirace mladi svabski bend Attic da bi matori imao pauzu. Plus jos neki anonimusi koje ne slusam.

Pitanje je "Kai,jel´dolazis ???!

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Imam, kupio još prošlog jula :haha:Ja nešto mislim da je ovo novi kontigent karata, tj. da su prodavali kao da je novi fest, a za prethodna izdanja da samo bio refund i to je to (ali samo teorija, nisam imao svakako).

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We are happy to reveal release date of our new studio album "The Hallowed": it will be released on June 23, 2023, on Atomic Fire Records! It is a concept album, and will be available as double vinyl, CD and digital download/stream.
The first single promoting the album is entitled ″Onward We Toil″ and will be released on March 24 - it tells the story of the people and animals, in the concept pushing through adversity to reach their goal of finding ″The Hallowed″. The creatures known as ″The Jaw″ can be heard in the beginning of the song. The epic chorus illustrates the team working together as one.
Pre-save "Onward We Toil" single here: https://jagpanzer.afr.link/OnwardWeToilFB
In case you missed the news: we will co-headline Blades Of Steel Festival in Madison, WI in September, and earlier, in the Summer, we are coming back to Europe! Except playing at festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Alcatraz or Headbangers Open Air, we will also play few selected club shows, so stay tuned!



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