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Twin Peaks


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i ja kapiram da je tako nešto u pitanju, ali nije lepo igrati se sa takvim stvarima ako ne prikažu ništa bitno.


skontajte džejmsa, nikad ga ne bih prepoznao...


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As far as Twin Peaks goes, Season 1 remains, in my opinion, one of the most brilliant TV seasons ever. But Season 2 seemed very rushed, like it was on steroids.

I had very little to do with Season 2, and I’m not happy with it. Up until “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” I was with it 100 percent, and then it drifted away.


Right, apparently the network forced you to reveal the killer too early on?

That’s right. We had a little goose that was laying golden eggs, and they told us to snip its head off. But it’s a great world, the world of Twin Peaks, and it holds many possibilities.


Do you think there’s more to mine in that world?

Oh, there’s more to mine in every world.

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Supposedly Showtime may announce the new season of Twin Peaks tomorrow. Today David Lynch and Mark Frost both followed the head of Showtime on Twitter and he followed THEM! CBS owns Showtime, they also own the rights to the Twin Peaks name and Blu-ray box set.

Rumor has it that David Lynch is directing every episode of an 8-10 episode season of Twin Peaks on Showtime....

Did Lynch and Frost plan this the whole time? The fact that it's coming up on the 25th anniversary in a script that plays out a 25 years later scenario is pretty significant in my opinion...

What's your thoughts?!?



vreme za veselje?

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