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Iako jako dugo slusam Death, i to mi je omiljeni bend, od uvek bio i ostao, tek danas sam konacno odgledao koncert "Live in Eindhoven", (hvala El Karnisero) pa moram da ispisem svoje utiske...


Ako su ikada lose odsvirali nesto uzivo, ja to jos nisam video... Potvrdio sam svoje misljenje jos jednom, da je Death najbolji live bend koji je ikada postojao (po meni su najbolji i uopste, a ne samo live). Najbolje mi je zvucala "Suicide Machine", i solo na "Flesh And The Power It Holds". I mora da su svi ovi ljudi otisli prezadovoljni posle Deatha...


A sto se tice publike, ne znam zasto se prica da su bili "smoreni"? Ko je zeleo da GLEDA Death, stao je iza i odgledao svirku, i isto tako, ko je hteo da OSETI Death, otisao je ispred u sutke (raj na zemlji)... Mada sve to slabo izgleda, kad se u kadru pojavi i ostatak publike, koji iz pozadine posmatra... Ali, to je stvar zelje i ukusa, neko voli, a neko ne. A to "smorena je publika bila" uopste nema smisla reci u Srbiji, jer da je cert bio ovde, POTPUNO ISTO bi izgledao. Mi bar imamo "posmatraca" na koncertima koliko oces.


JA bih i dupe prodao samo da ih vidim (Death) iz sto vece blizine, pa mi bas i nije jasno to sto velika vecina stoji iza, i posmatra klimajuci glavom.


Sve u svemu, opet sam se ubio u pojam, misleci o tome, kako bi sve danas izgledalo da Death i dalje postoji...


Jbg... :pivopije:

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Uf, ja ne bi znao da se odlucim za omiljeni u periodu od Spirituala do Symbolica.

Mada na Soundu su mi par fenomenalnih pesama ravnih ranijem periodu (Scavenger, Bite the Pain, Story to Tell, Flesh and the Power... ma extra je album ;))

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Friday May 15 2009

Chuck's Family Announces Fan Contest


Let me introduce myself, I am Beth Schuldiner, sister to Chuck Schuldiner. In keeping with Chuck’s planned promotion for his latest album at the time, Father of Rock Corporation will be announcing the fan contest that Chuck had been putting together prior to his illness and tragic death, via international press releases, beginning May 25, 2009.


The top, 1st Place Prize will be Chuck Schuldiner’s personal guitar, a BC Rich custom handmade Mockingbird. The 2nd Place Prize will be the Death stage backdrop used by Chuck/Death while touring internationally, including concerts in the great country of Mexico. The 3rd Place Prize will be a replica of his Stealth guitar, made by BC Rich/Hanser music group, an exact replica of the same guitar Chuck played on stage. The 4th Place Prize, but certainly not least, will be a set of guitar pick-ups by Dimarzio Pick-Ups/USA, the pick-ups exclusively used by Chuck while both touring and in the recording studio.


From May 25th on contestants will be able to enter on-line at the website chuck-schuldiner.webs.com, web design by Fernando Medina of Gudtalajra, Mexico. The entry fee is $25.00 USD. The contestants must also submit an essay entitled “What Chuck’s Music Meant to Me” along with the fee, at the time of entry. The contestant will beissued a number. The winning numbers will be drawn and the winning contestants will be announced on August 20, 2009 on EmptyWords.org, the only official Chuck Schuldiner/Death website, created and operated by Kees & Yvonne, both of whom are considered to be members of the Schuldiner family.


The family requests that winners submit photos of themselves with their respective prizes for posting on EmptyWords.org. All prizes will be sent to the winners within 14 days of the drawing via insured and registered FedEx. All winners will be issued a certificate of authenticity by the estate of Charles (“Chuck”) M. Schuldiner and a photo of Chuck with the winning guitars along with a photo of Chuck in front of the winning stage back drop.


Essay entries will be published in a book dedicated to all the fans who meant so much to Chuck, soon to be available on the internet, which will also contain a selection of the letters of support and inspiration which fans sent to Chuck during his illness. Chuck was always about the fans and had no stomach for the commercialization of his music, instead always keeping true to his vision. He was known for battling record labels and the like throughout his entire career. One of his favorite sayings, ‘Support music, not rumors’, comes to mind.


The proceeds, in part, will be used to finally produce the never before released last music Chuck was able to record in the studio. This is an important project not only to the fans who have been waiting years, for all of the “red tape” to disintegrate, but for Chuck’s long time close friend & drummer, Richard Christy and other band members, Chuck’s family and the entire international metal music community.


Thank you for your support of this important announcement,



Beth Schuldiner

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Ne znam da li je neko pisao o ovome: Richard Christy se vraca na scenu, bend se zove Charred Walls Of The Damned, peva Tim Ripper Owens, bas svira Steve DiGiorgio, a gitaru neki Jason Suecof. Snimljeno je sve osim vokala. Album izlazi pocetkom novembra, a izdace ga Metal Blade Records.

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