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Wolves In The Throne Room

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Ja ne volim nesto novije bm bendove sem par (DSo, uslovno receno Negura) ali ovi momci su mi privukli paznju. Imaju 2 albuma sa po 4 pesme ( u proseku po 10 i vise minuta svaka) i svaka predstavlja putovanje...

Inace, zive svi zajedno u jednoj kolibi u sumi, odvojeni od modernih tokova...


"In a recent interview with Metal Maniacs, the band is vying for a completely organic, back-to-their-roots sort of lifestyle. They live together in a house in the woods, grow their own food, cultivate their own livestock and scorn the consumer-based traditions of the modern world. While they aren't completely self-sufficient as of yet, they're nearing their goal.


Despite all of this, the band will tour and play sporadically."













Novi album, Hunter, mozete skinuti odavde



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Kvaziintelektualno pretenciozno govno, šumovi i drljanje protureno kao album, stvoreno otprilike za ljude koji SunnO)) shvataju kao nešto dobro.

Daj brate. Ulver imaju i pesmetine u svom tom ambijentu a ne ovo viju viju govno. Pa i ti Neurosisi mogu sami za sebe da se slušaju. Jebeš ti to ako ja moram da pustim još jedan album, čekam doba da

Свидело ми се име у почетку, те набавих неки демо и први албум и морам да признам да нисам одушевљен. А ово за лајфстајл је коол тотално, само сто није довољно коол да се и музика прошлепа уз то па да и она буде коол...

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Ovo je, bre, VRH! Veoma prijatno iznenadjenje za mene!

Nabavio sam ovih dana oba albuma, svaka pesma je pravo putovanje, inace, snimaju na dosta primitivnoj opremi, pa je i zvuk bas fino prljav.

I ne smatram ih hipicima, jer je po meni alijenacija od modernog drustva jedan od fundamentalnih BM elemenata a oni su samo stavili akcenat na to, niko ne sere sto se pojavljuje na hiljade Satanic bendova...Jel smatrate Bergtatt ili Filosofem hipi albumima, a opet niko ne moze reci da nisu BM.

BTW, ne mogu da nadjem textove... any help?

Sve u svemu, za fanove Drudkh, Ulver, Burzum, Negura Bunget, pa i Agalloch, sto da ne.

Dobri su i intervjui, naj citat „Touring is less of a priority than harvest” : )


Sve u svemu, od mene apsolutna preporuka.


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Behold the Vastness and Sorrow

Behold the vastness and sorrow of this empty land

A dark and Fell Rider clad in garments of shadow Is the lord of this place

A cruel and wonton king, A priest of a black religion is he


The hoof beat of the rider's steed pound a mournful drumbeat upon the dry cracked earth

To this rhythm the world moves


The sun blasts down upon the earth

Until the soil turns to powder and blows away


Lifeless chaos is the order for the rider has mastered the seasons

Ancient kings Cairn now have been defiled

The gates of strongholds long breached left swinging lifelessly in the fetid wind

The pillars of holy places lie dead

He rides day and night

The relentless Hoof beats echoes




Yes, to the darkest place that we know

Outside of the rider's domain

To the heart of the wood

To the hidden places beyond the briar thickets


The dance must begin as dusk gathers around


Our skin drum and rattle

know the tune

jaw bone driven through

the skull of a great foe

bested with wooden spear

the tip hardened in fire


Bathe in the clear cold stream

Fresh water from the unsullied endless spring that flows from the


We will sing the most ancient song

Spark the fire upon dry tinder


The dance must begin as dusk gathers around


Our skin drum and rattle

know the tune

jaw bone driven through

the skull of a great foe

bested with wooden spear

the tip hardened in fire


I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots

The torment has ended

the beast has done his work

Great fires rage outside of this wooded sanctuary


But soon they will be quenched by a purifying rain

the embers of the ceremonial fire burn to ash


A new warmth stirs within the center of the earth

I am alone here no more


The wood is filled with the sounds of wildness

The songs of birds fill the forest on this new morning

This will be my new home

Deep within the most sacred grove

the sun god is born anew


I will lay down my bones among the rocks and roots of the deepest

hollow next to the streambed

The quiet hum of the earth's dreaming is my new song


When I awake, the world will be born anew


Ovo je za 2 Hunters, za diadems ima samo 1,

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Vidish slusham ovaj bend vec podosta i nikako mi nije pala na pamet Nadja dok ti ovde nisi rekao,i jeste stvarno one ambijentalne deonice podsecaju itekako na Nadju. Inache feonomenalan bend ovaj novi Two Hunters ima tako prelepu atmosferu tokom albuma da je to strashno, ali sve je lepo uklopljeno pochevshi od gitare pa do bubnja, pa zakljuchno sa vokalima. Zanimljivo je nepostojanje basa, sto vishe dovodi do neke raw atmosfere benda.


Ocigledno je da Ameri imaju tendecije da razbiju stereotipnost i sterilnost black metala i za to im svaka chast.

Edited by Lunar

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Southern Lord will proudly release the vinyl only version of the new Wolves In

The Throne Room EP entitled Malevolent Grain, featuring two brand new tracks

from the Pacific Northwest organic black metallers.

Recorded to 2-inch tape by Randall Dunn and Mell Dettmer in Seattle during the

winter months of 2008.


01-A Looming Resonance [13:01]

02-Hate Crystal [10:38]



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