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Wolves In The Throne Room

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Kvaziintelektualno pretenciozno govno, šumovi i drljanje protureno kao album, stvoreno otprilike za ljude koji SunnO)) shvataju kao nešto dobro.

Daj brate. Ulver imaju i pesmetine u svom tom ambijentu a ne ovo viju viju govno. Pa i ti Neurosisi mogu sami za sebe da se slušaju. Jebeš ti to ako ja moram da pustim još jedan album, čekam doba da

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Stvarno, odakle ta informacija? Jedino što zvuči slično je info o novom albumu "It is also the final record to be recorded at Randall Dunn’s Aleph studio."

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To mu dođe samo polu-istina, evo ga vju od pre neki dan:


So what are some goals you have for the next year?


Aaron:Well music wise, we’ll take a long break. We’ve been working so hard for the past couple of years, and the idea was to finish some goals. And this tour was the last of those goals. After this we will focus on things in our lives. My first job will be to build my house and my farm. So it’ll take me about a year to complete. And after that I don’t know! There’s a thousand things that I want to do, it’s a matter of choosing the right path.

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